Robert Macmonger is a Assassin/Guard of the EITCSI!


Robert Macmonger Savviest Pic
Lord Robert Macmonger was born in England and always wanted to join the Royal Navy. Then finally he got a postion in the EITC so he took it. Then Lord Matthew Blastshot gave him the postion of Second Sea Lord. Lord Robert Macmonger is currently a Royal Navy member. He's cool to hang out with and will fight for his king to the death. I can be seen on Antik mainly. I mainly on Tormenta trying to get to Lv 30! Right now anyway. I'm on Antik mainly because my guild's there but I go to Abassa to fight jumper noobs :P I pvp alot lately but not alot to master pvp infamy. I like sabres better than broadsword and i love to lv up grenade. Recently working on the Raven's Cove quest to get Spinecrest Blade and get staff ( even though i hate staff ). Finally finished Raven's Cove Quest! Also Macmonger was recently told that he's in fact the son to Robert Shipstealer, the current Shah of Persia.
EITCSI Seal2 Robert O'riely Macmonger is a/the Assassin/Guard of the East India Trading Co. Shipwright Industry!
Lion 4 Robert O'riely Macmonger is a True Englishman at heart!
Crown 1 lg Robert O'riely Macmonger is a member of Royalty.
LevelTemplate34 Robert O'riely Macmonger has reached Notoriety level 34!
Flag great britain flag Robert O'riely Macmonger is a member of The High Court of England
Icon Cursed aa Robert O'riely Macmonger is in possession of the Famed Cursed Blade Spinecrest Sword!
Meeting Hall (2) Robert O'riely Macmonger is a member of the Parliament of Port Tariff!
Royal Navy Academy sig Robert O'riely Macmonger is a/an/the Assistant Headmaster of the Royal Navy Academy.
Cross Robert O'riely Macmonger has recived the great honor, the Victorian Cross!
Captain Robert Main Page Pic2 Robert O'riely Macmonger is a player of Captain Robert!




Item Level Award
Sword Level: 30
Sword Robert O'riely Macmonger has mastered Sword!
Gun Level: 20
Doll Level: 13
Dagger Level: 23
Grenade Level: 22
Staff Level: 19
Sailing Level: 12
Cannon Level: 10
Potions Level: 13
Fishing Level: 10
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