Former Sgt. Joseph of the East India Trading Company, head trade organization out of Great Britain, shall henceforth have an arrest warrant out for his apprehension and bringing to justice for crimes against the Crown of the Constitutional Monarchy of Great Britain and Ireland. Such crimes do include, but are not limited to: murder of the despicable first degree, embezzlement, espionage, evading capture, and cruelly kidnapping. He has been dishonourably discharged from the East India Company and all positions in, involving, or in any way related to Great Britain, its trade, its navy, its military, its government, its economy, or its parliament. If the aforementioned fiend shall be spotted, apprehended, and brought to justice, the bounty on his putrid head is to be £45,000, which is to be paid upon capture of this suspect by Great Britain's most glorious Monarch, King George Augustus II. If you happen to inter cross paths with this treacherous fiend, please give a detailed description of his location at the time of the encounter as well as all you can remember of his attire, appearance, company (if said criminal was not alone), weapons carried, disguise if the hellish fiend donned one, and more of the sort. Refrain from combating, engaging, or threatening this traitorous dog unassisted would be most wise, as he is well-armed and classified as a dangerous fugitive that is not unwilling to commit a murder on the spot. He can and will kill anyone attempting to apprehend him, given the chance.

The search continues; however, Sgt. Joseph is currently nowhere to be seen.

His favourite servers are Vachira, Antik, and Hassigos.
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