Arrest Warrant of Jason Blademorgan pertains to role-play.

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This arrest document is to officially state the warrant of arrest for Mr. Jason Blademorgan, former Lieutenant of the East India Trading Company, and former Governor of the American Colonies.

Jason Blademorgan is officially wanted by the High Court of England for acts of treason, murder of the first degree, murder of the second degree, manslaughter, impersonation, threatening of the Crown, vagrancy, carrying illegal weapons, firing said illegal weapons on officers of the Royal Navy and of England, injury of two East India Trading Company lords, smuggling, forgery, black market business, and torture of the most unruly degree.

If found, do not attempt to fight in close combat. If you are wearing a legal firearm on your holster, attempt to disable him. Once disabled, restrain his hands by any means necessary for your safety. Transport him to the closest British-controlled fort. A sum of 5.8 million gold pieces shall be bestowed upon you.

When ready for sentencing, he shall be hung by the neck until death. Once declared dead, his body shall be dropped the ground, where two officers designated by King George will slit his throat to be sure he is dead.


King George Augustus II of Great Britain & Ireland, Arch-Treasurer & Prince-Elector of the Holy Roman Empire, Duke of Brunswick

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Arrest Warrant of Jason Blademorgan pertains to role-play.
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