Battle Of The Docks - The Untold Story! [1]Edit

On April 6th 1752, Captain Skull X threatened the king of spain, and leader of The Delta Empire, Pearson Wright, that if he did not get his men straight, something very bad would happen to him. Pearson teleported to Skull, and his two body guards came with him. Captain Skull X's men started insulting Pearson and his guards immediately so Pearson teleported away and the guards stayed there to make sure nobody followed him. Captain Skull X then lied and took screen shots to make it appear as if they were there to arrest them. The EITC then showed up and open fired on the two guards. As the guards cried out for help to the fellow Deltans, Pearson immediately teleported back to aid. Remy of Remy's renegades and Jade stormfury of Spartan's Savviest also teleported to help Pearson. The Entire Delta Empire teleported and then formed a line to protect the injured guards. Captain Skull X began open firing on The Delta Empire, and then The Deltans returned fire and soon EITC and Marines began to fall. Pearson called for a logical geographical retreat to Dundee where he had more allies waiting and he would sneak attack the EITC as they walked right into his death trap. The EITC ' quote ' noobs, saw this as the deltans surrendering. Then The Delta Empire came back in a charge and completely demolished the EITC and
Screenshot 2011-04-06 22-05-11

The Marines return fire on the Delta Empire

Skull's Marines. The Delta Empire invited them to a pvp. They denied it and cowardly teleported away to a quiet server where they could watch Samuel Redbeard and Cad Bane enjoy a cup of tea by the fire together as theire men got blown to bits. The Delta Empire won the battle by a land slide, and the EITC and Skull's marines were brutally slaughtered in return for attacking innocent guards.


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