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EITC Law Act: Guilds pertains to role-play.

This is the first act to be passed by High-Lord Marshal Jeremiah Garland, passed on October 20, 1744. This act is to be abetted by all the EITC, and if it is not, there will be consequences.

The Guild Limitation Act

It has come to my intention that to help strengthen and unite the EITC, we must not have so many EITC guilds. As discussed earlier, we should limit the amount of EITC guilds there are.

From now on, in order for a new guild to be added to the EITC, it MUST be approved by the High-Lord Marshal (Lord Secretary Jeremiah Garland). In addition, only lords (see lord page) of the EITC are allowed to guildmaster guilds. In addition, the guildmaster must also tell the High-Lord Marshal what the guild will be called. If the High-Lord Marshal thinks the name is not appropriate for the EITC, then the guildmaster must choose another name.

At the current moment, Garland's East India Empire will serve as the only EITC guild, until more members join and we expand. The guilds listed below are no longer in comission:

Guild Reason
Beckett's Elites Official guildmaster inactive and arrested by EITC
Co. Mercenarys Corrupted guildmaster/ Lord William Brawlmartin was Fired
Company Guard Now In Control Of Lord Walker
Co. Special Forces No longer in use
East India Officers The Offical new EITC guild of the New EITC Era
Co. Black Guard Insane guildmaster, rebelled to official EITC

If you are a member of any of the above guilds, you are not official EITC (more guild names to be added). You must join East India Empire, or any guild that will be made (after going through approval from High-Lord Marshal) in the near future to be a true member of the EITC.


If you support this act, please put your name below, and it will be passed based on majority rule (EITC only, no sigs).

  • High-Lord Marshal Jeremiah Nathaniel Garland II of the East India Trading Company
  • First High Lord Johnathan Francis Anthony O' Reilly - Third in Command
  • Second High Lord Andrew Mallace of the East India Trading Company
  • King Jack Rogers of the Netherlands (Edward Daggerhawk)
  • Lord Richard Harrington
  • Lord Marshall Caddius Bane
  • Lord Maxamillion of the East India Trading Company ( Fifth in Command )


If you oppose this act, there is a chance it could be vetoed. Put your name below (EITC only, no sigs).