EITC Trial on William Darkvane pertains to role-play.

Trial on William Darkvane
Court house

Court House

I, Lord William Brawlmartin., Wish to put William Darkvane on Trial for Insulting His Superior. His insulting words were...

Darkavane: William Shut up

Darkvane: Cant earn your own Money?

And So Forth. I Was Unable to catch a screenshot because my Computer was unable to take it. As I have Never Lied before I wish to be Trusted on my Side.

I wish for him to be fired if my side of the case win's

I wish the trial to be set by Lord Johnny Goldtimbers on this page.

I wish for you all to be on my side of the Case, Therefore I cannot prove it, I have never lied Before.

Lord William Brawlmartin 22:21, November 19, 2011 (UTC)Lord William Brawlmartin

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