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Rose Sharkwrecker is a great pirate and fighter and a true friend

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She started her pirate life in 2009. While she was at a Tortuga Invasion, a strange person named Jack asked her to join the Genrals of Chetik. She was going to press no but clicked yes but decided to stay anyways. A pirate named Sugar gave her a warm welcome and quickly became Rose's best friend. One day the GM of her guild misteriously quit the game and the guild was forever lost. She left and went to several other guilds before joining the Chetik Union. She quickly rose to third in command and met an awesome friend named Bill. The Chetik Union fell apard so Rose made her own guild called The Flages of Jolly. She then left and joined a guild called the Genrals of Peace where she met Sugar and Bill again. The guildmaster Red quit too so Lawerence Daggerpaine made a new and improved guild called the Gen. Of Peace. She is still in the Gen. Of Peace to this very day and is the best guild she has ever been in.


Pirate Icon Userbox Image01.jpg Rose Sharkwrecker is a Pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.
ElPatronIcon.png Rose Sharkwrecker is in possession of the Lost Sword of El Patron!

LegendaryLure.jpg Rose Sharkwrecker is a Master Fisherman!
Bloodfire.png Rose Sharkwrecker is in possession of Sharkfang Blade.
Gen of Peace logo.png Rose Sharkwrecker is a member of the Gen. Of Peace.
Triforce.gif Rose Sharkwrecker has reached Notoriety level 50 and joined the No Groggy Club!


  • Her favorite gun is the Shadow Stalker Repeater
  • Her favorite sword is the Sharkfang Sword
  • Her favorite animals are sharks, dolphins, jellyfish, and tigers but loves all animals
  • She can never get enough pizza, tacos, or chocolate
  • She hates being basic and loves being unlimited
  • She loves bright clothing and dresses more than anything
  • Reached level 50 on December 10, 2011.


{C Cherie - Best friend and my go to fashion expert

Bill Plunderbones- Awesome friend who will always give you a challenge

Lawerence Daggerpaine- Best GM in the world and very random person

Sugar/ Bess Firebones - A good friend that I have known since i started playing

Janet Blastkidd- A good friend I met while sinking the doing scounderls

Jack Warskull- A good person to talk about sports with

Favorite Music

NOTE: The first few are on some dude playing them on a piano because I think its really cool how he plays so DEAL WITH IT! Lol jk :D


  • Lost Sword of El Patron
  • Shadow Stalker Repeater
  • Bitter End
  • Taboo Doll
  • Sharkfang Knives
  • Sharkfang Blade
  • Vipers Den Knives
  • Sacred Cutlass
  • Scoundrels Musket
  • Fullmoon Special Blunderbuss
  • Privateers Bayonet
  • Skeleton Doll
  • Corsairs Bayonet
  • Bush Master Pistol
  • Exenicutors Pistol
  • Bejeweled Broadsword
  • Bloodfire Broadsword
  • Bloodfire Sabre


  • Adventure Hat
  • Adventure Coat
  • Adventure Belt
  • Adventure Shirt
  • Adventure Pants
  • Navy Blue Shirt
  • Bright Blue Puffy Shirt
  • Bright Red Sash
  • Bright Orange Shirt
  • Bright Orange Sash
  • Court Blouse
  • Purple Eblem Shirt
  • Holiday Outfit
  • Purple Dress
  • Yellow Dress
  • Light Blue Dress
  • Red Dress
  • Castle Boots
  • Plank Walker Boots
  • Suede Tall Boots
  • Purple Riding Boots