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WELCOME! To the Royal Imperial Co.

Imperii gloriam in EITC! (The guild motto in Latin)


To join us and the EITC here is a invite code: "XNVE2274"


The Royal Imperial Co is a Royal EITC guild-army under the control of the great lord, Hernandez. The guild is one of extreme power and skill, they are one of the guilds under Hernandez's command and constantly fights pirates on Abassa, The home server. urgent update we are continuing our war on black officers hey guys wanted to become a ghost nan told us to make our own guild were connected to royal imperial we are better than normal soldiers.

Royal Imperial Co. logo (Motto at bottom is in lattin, it reads, For Power, For Glory, For EITC!)

The Royal Imperial Co. is an EITC guild run by Lord Hernandez. They are a highly trained army and militia

Driftwood-lightly guarded outpost

Hernandez (center in black coat glaring) with his elite guild members

Kingshead-heavily guarded fort

Fort charles - Executing base

[Classified]-Third base

EITC Outpost- Main outpost and meeting area sometimes, heavily guarded in a fort.

Cutthroat Isle- Second main Outpost highly guarded & occasional meeting area

Isla Perdida- Slightly active outpost

Thaghaehognanb*-Main Base

Gahoahajiouajh*-Meeting Area

Aghaohgahb*-Tax Office

Port Royale-Important Island

Island Tortuga-Recruiting Area

Eatghohahahb*-Wilderness outpost.

Elreluelmelrelreluelnelnelielseleel*-Second Wildness out post

Toahgoahoa*-Main server

  • Typed in guild code due to secuirty reasons.


Hernandez[last name n/a]- Guildmaster - First in command

Edgar Wildrat - Officer - Second in command

William[last name n/a] - Officer - Third in command

[Name classified]-Officer-Fourth in command

Edgar Wildrat- Head general

Tom Redeagle - Brigadier General

Will Daggerskull - Brigadier General

Ranks (highest ranks)

Note that the ranks may be changed

Warrant and Arrest Officers:

Leon Hexmalley and Jim Bloodsilver


Will Daggerskull {General} tom redeagle (general

G.H.O.S.T.S (NOTE: These are all codenames):

Ghoul/hibbard-Leader Phantom-Second in command Vampire-Teacher and Manager Skeleton(s)-All Cadets Estimated Amount of G.H.O.S.T.S: 40-45




Edgar Wildrat

Third in Command


Fourth In Command


One star general[s]:

Will Daggerskull

Two star general[s]

(late) Christopher

4 star general[s]

Lawrence Mcwallace


Edgar Wildrat - Personal Advisor

Leon Hexmalley - Warrant Officer

Jim Bloodsilver - Warrant Officer

Jay Brightsun - Colonel/Assassin

Nicolas Flamberge - Admiral


All French EITC

The Meeting. This is a picture painted by Edgar Wildrat in likeness to a recent meeting of his guild and Co Empire

Napeoleons Empire

Viceroyalty Co.

All Royale Alliance

Log Entries

Welcome to the guild Log Entries section! We will be posting the best log entries from The Royal Imperial Co. journal

-Log entry one by a ghost were under heavy fire mortars(nades)aren't working in scaring them off the co jumpers are cowards though they sent mercenaries to do there dirty work were doing the best we can they sent machines from he double toothpicks(hacked and added a barrier)were not doing much my gun is out of all ammo and same goes for the rest we lost five men.


  • Piracy and its followers (Only the ones that try to kill us.)
  • Captain Leon in any way, shape, or form
  • Samuel Redbeard's empire

G.H.O.S.T Squad

We are an elite unit which excels at sniping, grenades, demolition jobs, and of course (knife gleams in the background)assassinations. We are indirectly related to spy depot, but in the big picture were alot different. if you want to know our origin for our name, and for my name hibbard or if you are speed chat, go to Ghost Recon Future Soldier live action. If you want to join you have to talk to me, hibbard, or the second member and co founder, Halle. Rules are: we take orders from Hernandez when it comes to military matters, you listen to when im off. Halle, Edgar or our gm Hernandez disregard orders from anyone else. Our official medic is Joe.Another rule: if you impersonate me or any of the commanders above you, i'll find out who it was and will discharge you from the Ghosts.Now, enough of that negative stuff: we need good snipers and good tacticians.(Umm... depending on your age, look at our origins. Some content may be to violent for some of you.)

A ghost

Guild RAO

Spanish Empire. is a guild currently averaging 100 members (mostly over!) it is a guild run by Lord Hernandez They operate with an army, Crusader order, navy secret service and G.H.O.S.T.S squad

Ship(s) of the line:

The HMS Stronger - Ship of the line in Lord Hernandez's fleet

Headhunter Thunder - War Frigate captained by Edgar Wildrat

Black Hawk - War Galleon captained by Hernandez


Operation Takeover: Attack, take over, and raid Ravens Cove - Success

Operation Overseas: CLASSIFIED

Operation Wildrun: Take over Rumrunners' by sending platoon to the island-Success, wildlife eliminated, set up outpost.

Operation Island: Take over Cuba by sending a platoon to take over island- In progress bring in guild

Map of Operation Island

Operation Wilderness Road: Take over all wild Islands: Major success, took over all islands

Operation Unnatural: Set up out post on Devil's Anvil and kill Lord Barbossa-Mission Failed. Monkey could not be killed, attacked men in the water. All units moving out.

Operation Silver Shield: Defend Kingshead from John Pearson and the Co. Rangers.- Huge failure. Swords had no effect. Hundreds of Navy, dead. Kingshead was not stationed with Co. Ranger guards, so still free.

Operation Overlord Take Down: {CLASSIFIED}, not released to the public

Operation Party Crasher: {CLASSIFIED}, Biggest Operation


  1. Respect higher ranking officers
  2. No spam when addressing guild
  3. Wear uniform at all times unless given permission by the guildmaster (exceptions such as when your going to do a PvP)( or going on a stealth mission or training only applies to ghosts)
  4. DO NOT say you are a higher rank then you really are
  5. DO NOT boss people around outside of your branch (unless your guildmaster or second in command)
  6. DO NOT change these rules unless your Edgar Wildrat or Hernandez
  7. Respect your guild and no shouting (excessive caps lock) Unless your calling a meeting or alerting in some fashion
  8. Obey all rules
  9. Don't abuse your power (ex. don't pick fights)
  10. No questioning Hernandez No drama
  12. Harm I N F E R N O in anyway possible
  13. harm black officers any way possible
  14. Report for all meetings trainings etc. unless given permission by Hernandez
  15. All rules will be enforced
  16. Do not back down from a pvp challenge even if you are a level 1 and are going to fight a level 50 jumper with a broadsword and blunderbuss

Lord Hernandez

Lord Hernandez's status