The Final Testament of

The Royal Imperial Co.

Royal Imperial Co. was one of the greatest EITC guilds ruled by the great EITC lord, Hernandez. Hernandez was a great leader. Hernandez was a very self-centered gentlemen, filled with hatred and envy. He felt that he could accomplish so much more. He felt that he didn't need the support of the East India Trading Company. He had also been titled as a Spanish Leader. In his mind he came to the conclusion that he should make a new guild, to further his "empire". This was the biggest mistake he ever made. Sadly, when he did, only a few members from his previous guild followed him and with this final testimony, Hernandez the great EITC lord fell. Hernandez then made the second biggest mistake he had ever made: that was leaving his second guild. That was the moment he met official defeat. Hernandez was a true leader and will always be remembered as one of the greatest EITC lords of the time.


Thomas Redeagle

William Daggerskull

Jay Brightsun

' Sir Edgar Wildrat of the EITC 

**And the remaining unnamed Members of the company.

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