Royal Museum

The Royal Museum

The Royal Museum is fan-made museum made by John Breasly. It is located in London, England, and holds

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Flag flying over the entrance
some of the most precious artifacts in the world. This article only names those of the Caribbean, however.

Building History

The building was built in the 1066 to hold all of William the Conqueror's (The King of England) precious items. In the 1500s it was converted into a museum.

Museum Entrance

The Royal Museum entrance consists of a large center room, with staircases on each side. Double doors lead into a courtyard ahead, with more hallways stretching off. In the entrance, you will see a statue of a historian holding parchment in one hand, and a quill in another. "History est Nostrum Maioribus Factum" is carved at his feet. It translates from Latin to English, saying "History is Our Greatest Achievement". You can also find the NPC John Breasly here, walking around the entrance, and may occasionally walk to a gallery.

Guild Galleries

The guild galleries are galleries of items obtained from the greatest guilds the Caribbean has known.

Francis Brigade Gallery

In the Francis Brigade gallery, we've obtained the coat of Francis Bluehawk when the brigade was early on. We've also obtained his hat, and a few of his weapons. Some of those weapons consist of his Sacred Pistol, and favorite dagger, which was impaled in John Breasly's lower calf during a battle. The gallery also holds models of every uniform the brigade has worn, and their standard weapons.

Leon's EITC Guilds Gallery

Due to the many he made, we cannot add them all. They hold the standard EITC uniform, the standard weapons, and the gear of a few notable members such as William Darkvane, Sam Seavane, and Johnny Goldtimbers.

Viceroyalty Co. Gallery

The Viceroyalty Co. gallery is the newest, and most highly visited, gallery. It holds every uniform issued, every model of the Viceroyal Repeating Rifle, and even an Assassin's Pistol. We've gathered many standard weapons from their guild. The newest item is the first guild flag ever to be made by them.

East India Republic Gallery

East India Republic was installed shortly after John Breasly and Simon Lockward's first venture to the Caribbean together. Though the guild went inactive after five months, the gallery still stands. It has all guild uniforms, a guild flag, and guild standard weapons. It is interesting to read the history, but there is not much in there.



What studies have been done here? Many. Thanks to several large towers, studies have no been made. In these towers are levels of quiet studying areas. At the top of the north tower is where John Breasly and Samuel Redbeard first studied the Krokonomicon.

The Krokonomicon

Thanks For Visiting

Thank you for visiting the Royal Museum. we ask you not edit these articles, but if you would like to submit an item to the museum, leave a comment in the comments box. Thank you.

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