The Royale Council of Elders was created to represent and keep alive the old ways of East India Republic. It was also meant to keep the founders of the Royale Alliance safe from banishment of the Consuls. If the Royale Council of Elders has a majority vote, rules and actions of the Consuls may be vetoed.


Grand Elder—Leads all elders

High Elder—Leads in place of Grand Elder if not present. May present topics for vote.

Elder—An elder from EIR

War Elder—Elders from guilds of past wars, that joined Royale


William O'roberts~Grand Elder

Robert Mcroberts~High Elder

John Breasly~High Elder

Elizabeth Heartmalley~High Elder

Kat Hexbones~Elder

Jack Stormwalker~Elder

Simon Lockward~Elder

Jeffrey Warratte~Elder

Geoffrey Ropefitte~Elder

Lawrence Helmbain~Elder

William Damproberts~Elder

Richard Swordsilver~War Elder

The Treasure Hunter~War Elder

Pedro~War Elder

Infantryguy~War Elder

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