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The Rumrunner Co. is a small EITC trade business throughout the Caribbean. It supplies rum to the Navy forts and sells it to pirates. They operate on a pre-decided trade route: Rumrunner's Isle, make a stop at Driftwood Island to drop off some rum for Bronze John, then sail to Cuba. At Cuba, we deliver some rum to Tia Dalma, for whatever reason she needs it, and to the tavern. We then sail to Port Royal, leave rum at Fort Charles, Rowdy Rooster, and the Royal Anchor. From Port Royal we head to Padres Del Fuego, leave rum at Fort Dundee, and the two taverns there. We then drop off our largest delivery of rum at Kingshead, then lastly we deliver to the two privateering islands. We then sail directly back to Rumrunner's, and the employees are free to do whatever they wish from that point on.

Employee Positions

Founder\President - Johnny Coaleaston

Co-Founder\VP - Matthew O' Bane

Manager - Edgar Wildrat

Ship Captain - Captain Robert

Sailors (maximum 8) - Open

Delivery Employees (maximum 2) - Open

Employee Responsibilities\Jobs

Founder\President - Owns the Company, watches over the Company, and owns the ships

Co-Founder\VP - Assists the Founder\President

Manager - Makes sure the Employees get what is needed to the places when it is needed

Ship Captain - Commands the ship and sailors

Sailors - Sail the ship

Delivery Employees - Leave the ship and delivers the rum to the taverns and forts


Rum cellar on Rumrunner's Isle

Tortuga Swamps


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