The Russian Imperial Court are elite politicians in the Russian Governing System, that act as advisors to the Tsar, and help manage the vast Russian Empire.



The Imperial Russian March, "The March of the Preobrazhensky"

Like the Tsar, the Imperial Court is headquartered in the Russian capitol, St. Petersburg.

The Council of Ministers

The Council of Ministers are eight members of the court that act as imperial advisors to the Tsar. The head of the Council of Ministers, and leading political figure of the Imperial Court is the Prime Minister. To limit the Tsar's power, all decisions made to the Russian Government must first be passed by the Council of Ministers, in which case they may veto.

Members of the Council of Ministers

  • Tsar of Russia: Vladimir Pyotr Aleksandr Romanov I
  • Ministry President (Prime Minister): Andrei Nyrmvit Volkov-Mallace I
  • Minister of Culture / Religion: Venyamin Makmorgn
  • Minister of the Imperial Court: Mikhail Sebastian Aleksandr Volkov
  • Minister of War: Rekhart Dmitri Luthr
  • Minister of Navy: Matvei Markis Antoni Fey I
  • Minister of Finance: Open
  • Minister of Commerce and Industry: Open
  • Minister of the Interior: Open
  • Minister of Foreign Relations: Open

Imperial Governors

The Russian empire is divided into six imperial districts, each being governed by an Imperial Governor appointed by the Tsar. The six imperial districts are:

Imperial Districts Modern Day District Capitol
Baltic Parts of western Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, parts of Poland and parts of Finland St. Petersburg
North Caucasus Ukraine, Moldova, southern Russia between the Black and Caspain Sea, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan Kiev
Chaghadai Parts of Southern Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, north Afghanistan Yekaterinburg
Ural central-western Russia, north-western Russia, many Russian islands in the Barents and Kara Seas Novosibirsk
Siberian Most of central Russia, Russian islands in the Kara Sea, parts of northern Mongolia (largest imperial district) Krasnoyarsk
Kamchatka All of eastern Russia, remaining Russian islands, Manchuria (China), parts of North Korea Khabarovsk

Imperial Governors

  • Governor of the Baltic Imperial District: Vladimir Pyotr Aleksandr Romanov
  • Governor of the North Caucasus Imperial District: Benjamin Macmorgan
  • Governor of the Chaghadai Imperial District: Andrei Nyrmvit Volkov-Mallace I
  • Governor of the Ural Imperial District: Open
  • Governor of the Siberian Imperial District: Open
  • Governor of the Kamchatka Imperial District: Matthew Marcus Anthony Faye I

Note: Any member of the Council of Ministers may also be an Imperial Governor

Becoming a Member

Any nationality, Russian or not, is permitted to be a member of the Imperial Court. Even if one is already involved with politics in another nation, they may still become a member of the Court. If you would like to become a member, please ask in comments, or send me a message on my talk page.

Diplomacy of Russia

The following nations and their leaders are currently allied with the Tsardom of Russia. If your nation would like to become allied, say so in comments or my talk page.

  • England - King George Augustus II (John Breasly)
  • Denmark - Lord Matthew Marcus Anthony Faye I (Matthew Blastshot)
  • Prussia (Vestpec) - King Jack Hirsch (Jack Goldwrecker)
  • Japan - Emperor Davy Gunfish (Davy Gunfish)

Note: Russia is a member of The European Confederation.

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