The S.S. Maria Is a Spanish Ship Owned By The Bandit Spy Service.. not much is known about this ship. What we do know is it is used by the BSS as an assassin ship. Aka, to sink other ships. The ship is currently still is service, but is being hunted by the White Shadow and its crew. Word has it that Captain Shadow Sail who is the Captain of the White Shadow has a bone to pick with Roger Goldsteen, the Captain of the SS Maria. Shadow has been searching for the ship for years, only to find the open waters, nothing else.

Two unbelievable Captains, at war, a fight just waiting to happen.

  • It has 20 cannons.
  • 40 Broadsides
  • 5 Sails
  • A health of 20,000
  • A cargo of 200
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