Sandro's Espada was named after Santos Sandro a notorious skeleton now roaming Rumrunner's Isle.This is the sword that Santos Sandro found on rumrunner's isle and is still there trying to find more swords like this one.
Sandro's Sword

The Sword Of Sandro

This Sword was cursed by Jolly Roger even one touch of this sword will make you into a undead minon of the user of this sword. The chances of Finding Santos Sandro on rumrunner's is very slim.A Enemy has capture this sword in a unusal place on the Spanish island(The Undead Español Bandido Hyatt).


  • Attack- 135.
  • Type- A mixture of Cutlass and broadsword.
  • Very Fast.
  • A Enemy's first hit is mistimed.
  • Location- Rumrunner's isle.
  • +2 Bladestrom.
  • +1 Brawl.
  • +4 Thrust.
  • Loot Type found in Skull chests.
  • Panic - (Only when you have red health you may use this) increases speed by 50%!


  • Every Swing makes the user lose 5 health.
  • -1 Taunt.
  • Bad Defense
  • -2 Slash
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