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Santos Sandro was raised by a poor family on Tortuga. Sandro's dad was just a blacksmith,Sandro always helped his father when it comes to it, he wasn't really blacksmith material.

Teenager Years

Then when he was in his teenager years he started liking voodoo magic dark and light.He hid that he been doing dark m


agic from his parnets.He started liking dark voodoo magic.Then one day when he was trolling along Tortuga he met this voodoo witch that said in his mind if you really want to have dark magic then you'll need these she handed him these two strange bright green powders in loot pouches.He asked what is this but she said in his mind As long as you don't touch or eat this powder then you'll be fine, boy.Somehow Sandro was convinced to take the powders as he went home he started to get tired that night he slept he put the two bright green powders on his bed stand.As the night passed Sandro slept his mother came into his room and saw these two bright green powders she took them and went into the kitchen and started wondering what they were.As she was wondering a pirate sneak into the house and shot Sandro's mother in the face.The Pirate was to nosy but to noticed this strange green powder as he looked at it he spilled it and somehow got into his boot.As it did he started feeling pain his skin started burning he noticed his hair was falling out.He scream because of the pain he went through as he scream he woke up Santos Sandro and his father the both were shock to see a pirate in their house. As the pirate was in pain he noticed that it was the powder did it to him so why not share the pain so he threw it and powder went everywhere Santos Sandro and his father got the powder on their skin and started becoming skeletons as they did the pirate-skeleton laughed and he took control of them and now Santos Sandro and his father are now salves of that skeleton.

Skeleton.png Santos Sandro is a Skeleton.
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