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Ahoy!! Welcome to the Savage Seas Elite guild page!

Savage Seas Elite was founded originally on October 22, 2010 by Brie Silver. However, we started a new guild under the same name due to some member issues with the old one. The current guildmaster is Brie's other pirate, Alexa. Most of the guild have been active game members for several years, and everyone really works hard to keep things running smoothly! Below is more info on officers, the guild server, and other random facts about us.

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  • Alexa
  • Alkfn
    Captain Evelyn Wavefighter
  • Christopher Bartholomew
  • Duncan
  • Jack
  • Kota
  • Maximus Goldbones
  • Pirate
  • Sam Darkcastle
  • Samantha
  • Storm
  • Tom Raidrage

How to Join

We have two guild servers, Monada and Cortola.  You can find us sailing on either of those at almost any time!

Guild Rules

Our guild rules are really simple, and there's a very short list!

  1. Please ask to teleport unless you're in the guild crew
  2. Please ask to take the helm of another member's ship before doing so
  3. Be polite, represent the guild positively, and greet members when they log in
  4. Help the guild as often as you are able. It's about having fun and reaching goals!

Guild Activities

Below is a list of some of the things we do on a regular basis, along with a slideshow including all kinds of cool pics from guild members.

  • Sail for leaderboards 

    *Link to view current leaderboards, refresh *

  • Raid islands for enemies for leaderboards
  • Level at bosses or other random places like Tormenta
  • Cannon defense
  • Guild armadas
  • SvS
  • Fair winds mates ... See you on the Seas - Brie Silver
  • We defeated El Patron ~ Booyah!! ~ who's up for Rum & Coffee at Faithful Bride?
  • So exactly how long can Kota sail with guild crew before sinking? ... New record, 5 minutes ~ Bah ha ha ...
  • Kota ~ Forget the Frigates ~ Viper would like this "Viper" for Christmas!! Hisssssssss ~ Lol ...
  • The Home of the Kraken ... "I can see the light ~ he's definitely home!!"
  • "Omg ... how long can this Mat Run go on??"
  • 'Tis the season!
  • 75% of the guild definitely relates to this one...
  • I think we all know what this means!
  • Trouble thought she'd be funny and tip me >.>
  • Merica!
  • Just taking care of an AFK guild enemy, tipping style! Bahaha
  • Relevant
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