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Savvy Designs

Innovation in Design, making savvy pages everyday.

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Best Design

We offer you the best design, possible, you dream it, we make it

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Make your page visible to everyone, and attract even more viewers to your page.

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Get a Savvy job

Want to help others get Savvy pages? Want to be part of the innovation?

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Savvy Designs is, or was selected as the Featured Article of the Week!
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Savvy Designs has Won a Wiki Oscar for Being the Best Page in the Page Layout Category

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Ad Savvy

Do you want more attention to your page?

Savvy Designs has the solution, we will advertise your page on the Savvy Designs page, and advertise your page to our customers.

What do you have to do?

You will just need to add a small "Powered by Savvy Designs" on the bottom of your page. Nothing more. Barely noticeable, and does not affect your content in any way. Also, we will add a "Savvy Designs" category to your page. This will help you gain even more attention to your page, and will also allow us to further help you.

What benefits do you gain from Advertising with Savvy Designs?

You will receive support from Savvy Designs, to help your page reach its full potential. You will also get help in adding the correct categories to your pages, allowing even more visibility to your page. '

How do you sign up for Savvy Designs Advertising?

You may sign up by applying here

Please note, by removing the Savvy Designs category, or powered by Savvy Designs logo on the bottom of the page, your page will no longer be advertised by Savvy Designs, and all edits made by Savvy Designs to your page will be reverted upon the termination of your Savvy Designs Advertising Contract. You will also not be eligible to re-apply for Savvy Designs Advertising.

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