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Working with Savvy Designs requires a fair amount of HTML, css, or js knowledge. As we create new design possibilities, create custom css/js for personal use, and most importantly design pages with the best HTML possible.

Savvy Designs aims to grow pages, and help wiki editors find new ways to help their articles grow, as well as make sure their pages don't get forgotten in the 4,500+ pages that populate the wiki.

To join Savvy Designs, there is no formal applying, but more or less fixing puzzles. Savvy Designs is different from other companies on the wiki, and that is, our work has an actual impact on the wiki, from designing pages, to advertising pages. Working with Savvy Designs gives you a role of importance.

Current Team


Vice President-John Breasly

Head of Advertising Department-G-Man

Application to Join

To apply, please fill out the few questions below, and then answer the few design/code questions.

1) What is your username?

2) What does CSS stand for and how is it used?

3) Do you know the basics of HTML?



The following code should make the above, but it doesn't. Can you spot the problem?

.comments li[data-user="Voxelplox] blockquote {

  background:#8B8989 !important;

} .comments li[data-user="Voxelplox"] blockquote:after {

  border-color: transparent #8B8989 #8B8989 transparent !important;

} .comments li[data-user="Voxelplox"] blockquote div {

  background: transparent #8B8989 !important;

} .comments li[data-user="Voxelplox"] blockquote {color:#FFFFF0; font-weight:bold; !important; }

It now looks like Questionproblem What is wrong with it?

Copy your answers into the comments.

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