Ship Island is in the Marti de Plata part of the Caribbean.It is the occupied by the Confederacy of the Caribbean(UCC).It is home to most of the COC navy ships. It is now hard to find due to fog lol. No kidding this place is real but it is foggy.Foggy gives you a hint.If you don't know what that is go see a doctor.

The Begining of Ship Island

On 11/10/1711 the crew of the Crimson Tide founded a island. The island was wide so you could get a ship inside.That is why it is called Ship Island. As the crew explored they founded that the island had a old French fort on it.The news was made to the Confederacy of the Caribbean's Ned Daggerkidd. President Daggerkidd said that we should take hold of the island and make it our own. Daggerkidd has not visited the island yet but will try to.At 6:45 Marc Cannonshot general of the Confederacy of the Caribbean put a COC flag in Ship Island and claimed it for the Union of the Caribbean.


It now is the headquarters of the Confederacy of the Caribbean's military and their navy and hold the COC ship the Bounty Hunter Destroyer.

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