It was once a barren, desolate island. After Jason Shiprat came to the island, he turned the island into a wild paradise. He turned the island then into a fortress and his own private home. The island is the home of whats left of the Shiprat family. the island also is the center of Jason's own private inventions.


Sea Defences: The island is surrounded by lots of smaller islands

Smaller islands are manned by Shiprat's mercenaries and forts armed with an array of Tommy Cannon

Fleets of Shiprat 2.0 Class SOTL's

Land Defences:

The entire island defended by one fort 10x the size of Kingshead. The walls are 5x thicker, 5x higher, and with Defence Towers every 20 meters apart. The walls and towers are defended by Tommy Cannon. There is a second wall the same size and strength between the town and the training grounds/courtyard. The barracks is separated by its own defenses. The actual home of Jason Shiprat and his inventions is the very top which is defended by three layers of defenses and Assassins Tower.

Air Defences:

Tommy Cannon Air Class

Artillery Defences:


Tommy Cannon

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