Finding the Spot

Funnyguy651 was the one who found the location of the city. It was an easy decision for him because it was so beautiful, the town would lie between to mountains and even a floating island that overlooked the valley. Funny put his house on the floating island and with the help of a few others, mostly SlidingPenguin and Dirty_Mallace, created a small city.

Road to Glory

All seemed well in Morocco, many people had joined and they were almost to ten members. Everyone in the faction was willing to work and would go mine or gather trees and then build onto the city. They were the top dog faction and could defend themselves from anyone else on the server. This all changed though when Magicman joined.

Though he was a great builder and fighter Magic was bad at words. One day he called something gay and angered John Breasly who had joined a little earlier. They got into a heated argument and even though Funny tried to stop them both John left and started his own faction, bringing some members of Morocco with him.

Soon John's faction declared war with Morocco and Funny had a lot on his hands.

Burning Boat of Gaywood

During this certain version of minecraft (1.2.4) spruce wood was Funny's least favorite, he hated its dark color and destroyed any building that was made of it in Morocco. One day Sliding decided he was going to build a boat though, he didn't want to travel far and get oak from the forest so instead and went to a nearby spruce forest and got loads of it and made a giant ship. Funny raged hard and told him to take it down but about that time it lit on fire. A man named Captain_Hobo had made a lava hot tub in the boat and set the whole thing and some of the city on fire. This caused a couple of members to leave and Funny to be very mad at Sliding and Hobo

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