A Bold Ship

A sleek ship with a merry crew, the Strider has seen every port from both sides of the world. The vessel has also seen many treasures from Spanish jewels to Chinese sculptures, it even carried a French duchess in it's brig. Captained by Mongrel the pirate, the Silver Strider could be a ship of legend if it wasn't shrouded im mystery.

Her Origins

Cap'n Mongrel, wanting to make a name for himself in pirate history, set out to make an entire fleet of pirate ships. The history of how the Silver Strider came to be is quite interesting. In Mongrel's early pirate career, he made a deal with the notorious rouge, Captain Black Bart Roberts. After telling Roberts of a vast treasure ship that was shipwrecked on a desert isle and her timbers washed ashore, he then told him of his plan to go to the isle and build a new ship from her timbers. Black Bart cackled and said, "If ye do that in one year, I will pay ye a king's ransom and will give ye half me crew to outfit your vessel." "And if I fail?" smiled Mongrel. "If ye fail, you... you must spend the rest of yer life as me swabbie! Ha!" The two agreed and Mongrel was left on the island for an entire year. One can imagine Roberts' surprise when he saw Mongrel waving at him from the ratlines. The captain kept his word and Mongrel sailed off a week later. No one knows how Mongrel did this (some say through pain and sweat while others say trickery), but this vessel still sails on.


By Roberts' word, Mongrel's new vessel was fitted with special culverin guns. The guns were heavy enough to slow the speed but the Strider still can make many leagues on a good wind day. During a docking in Cuba, Mongrel had the ships sails replace with a shimmering, silver sail cloth. He even stiched his emblem (black crossbones and a skull looking right) onto the sails. Anyone who sees the sails has been said to experience good luck or bad calamities in his or hers near future.

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