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Simon Treasurehawk is a cousin of Francis Pillagefoote O'Smith. He was raised in a wealthy and privileged family. As a child, he knew what his lifelong dream was, to be a pirate. He went on the adventure to defeat the Navy, E.I.T.C., and Jolly Roger and his skeleton army. He want on to fight one on one, right to left, and defeated every one. He is a legendary pirate. Jack Sparrow presented him the honor, and he is very proud of himself.

Current level

Level 37

Cousins/ Family/ Birth place/ Other Statistics

1. Francis Pillagefoote 'o Smith

2. Mr. Lucky

3. ?????

Family: Treasurehawks

Dad: John Treasurehawk

Mom: Emily Treasurehawk

Birth place: Port Royal

Height: 6'4


Simon made his own guild currently, but he use to be in Spania. Not much is known why he quit, for it was mostly without reason. His current guild that he made is called "The Liberate Blade." Simon hopes for his guild to prosper and flourish throughout the Caribbean like Spania did.

Current Quest

Raven's Cove Story Quest, and The Black Pearl Story Quest.

Hope to see you in the Caribbean!

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