Who are we?

Some would say we're a guild, but we are much more. We are a community of pirates, who take pride in their art - their art, whether it be sailing, cannoning, repairing, and even sinking, at that matter.



Name: Jeremiah Stormwash
Rank: Admiral
About: Guild founder and leader Jeremiah Stormwash, who prefers everybody to call him Jerry, is a master gunner, and the owner of a rare and much treasured Revenant Cannon Ram, granting him an indefinite amount of boosted Fury. He prefers to be a gunner, not a captain.

Ranking System

All promotions in ranks will be decided by the Captain and his Commanders. Promotions are privileges and can be taken away at any time.

Rank: Description: To be adressed as:
CH-1(junior): Midshipman, Acting Sub-Lieutenant, Ensign, Corvette Lieutenant, Ship-of-the-line Ensign 2nd Class. Midshipman
CH-1(senior): Sub-Lieutenant, Lieutenant (junior grade), Frigate Lieutenant, Ship-of-the-line Ensign 1st Class. Sub-Lieutenant
CH-2: Lieutenant, Lieutenant (senior grade) Ship-of-the-Line Lieutenant, Captain-Lieutenant. Lieutenant
CH-3: Lieutenant-Commander, Galleon Captain. Lieutenant-Commander
CH-4: Commander, Frigate Captain. Commander
CH-5: Captain, Brig Captain. Captain
CH-6: Admiral, Ship-of-the-Line Captain, Captain of Sea and War. Admiral

The above displayed ranks are from lowest to highest, meaning CM-6 is the highest rank one can reach, while CM-1 is the rank one starts out with upon joining the guild.

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