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Who are we?

Some would say we're a guild, but we are much more. We are a community of pirates, who take pride in their art - their art, whether it be sailing, cannoning, repairing, and even sinking, at that matter.



Name: Jeremiah Stormwash
Rank: Admiral
About: Guild founder and leader Jeremiah Stormwash, who prefers everybody to call him Jerry, is a master gunner, and the owner of a rare and much treasured Revenant Cannon Ram, granting him an indefinite amount of boosted Fury. He prefers to be a gunner, not a captain.

Ranking System

All promotions in ranks will be decided by the Admiral and his Captains. Promotions are privileges and can be taken away at any time.

Rank: Description: Guild rank: To be adressed as:
CH-1(junior): Midshipman, Acting Sub-Lieutenant, Ensign, Corvette Lieutenant, Ship-of-the-line Ensign 2nd Class. Member Midshipman
CH-1(senior): Sub-Lieutenant, Lieutenant (junior grade), Frigate Lieutenant, Ship-of-the-line Ensign 1st Class. Member Sub-Lieutenant
CH-2: Lieutenant, Lieutenant (senior grade) Ship-of-the-Line Lieutenant, Captain-Lieutenant. Member Lieutenant

Lieutenant-Commander, Galleon Captain.

Veteran Lieutenant-Commander
CH-4: Commander, Frigate Captain. Veteran Commander
CH-5: Captain, Brig Captain. Officer Captain
CH-6: Admiral, Ship-of-the-Line Captain, Captain of Sea and War. Guildmaster Admiral

The above displayed ranks are from lowest to highest, meaning CH-5 is the highest rank one can reach, while CH-1 (junoir) is the rank one starts out with upon joining the guild. The CH-6 rank is reserved for the guildmaster.

CH stands for 'crew hand.'


By participating in the 'Sinkers United' guild, you agree to follow these rules, or risk your own disbanding from the guild by an officer or the guildmaster.

  1. Be respectful to other members of the guild, and the game.
  2. Behave maturely, and set a good example for others.
  3. Do not defimate this guild.
  4. Do not disobey the orders of the ship's captain.
  5. Do not use all capital scentences in chat unless the Admiral or a Captain has given you permission.
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