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What Are We

Skull's Bootcamp was founded on April 22, 1722, by Capt. Skull X. Its intention is to train noobs to become good players and fighters, especially in the art of PvP and SvS.


Skull's Bootcamp trains soldiers to be better fighters, and graduates have the oportunity to join the Royal Military

Weapons Manufacturer: Daggerpaine Industries

Guildmaster: Capt. Skull X


Training Programs

Land Combat

Basic Combat Training (BCT)

Basic Combat training consists of learning the basics of hand to hand combat. Learning how to use your weapons wisely, and fight without dying. It is a required course to be taken to graduate.

Military Ocupational Specialty (MOS)

MOS training allows you to specialize in one field of weaponry. It is recommended to be taken for graduation, but is not required

Requirments: BCT Training

Privateering (SvS) and Naval Combat

Rockhopper is the head of Naval and SvS combat training. His programs consist of training acuracy, upgrading damage, dodging shots, catching enemy ships, and sinking ships fast, along with taking minimal damage and simple leveling up, and Infamy ranking up.

Medical and Healing

Orders and Commands

Ranking System

  1. Guildmaster (General)
  2. Co GM (Brigadier General)
  3. Third In Command (Major)
  4. Senior Officer (SO) - A Senior officer has great power, and may command several camps
  5. Officer (O) - An officer is in command of several areas of a camp
  6. Drill Instructor (DI) - A Drill Instructor is in charge of training and giving orders during bootcamp.
  7. Marine (M) - A marine is the basic soldier in the camp, he has graduated, and can go on special
  8. Private (P) - A basic recruit that is the lowest rank.


Head Instructors

  • Capt. Skull X ~ Founder, Head of the Camp
  • Chris Swordbones ~ Co Gm, Second in Command of the Camp
  • John Stormpaine ~ Head of PvP Training
  • Rockhopper ~ Head of SvS Training
  • Cherie ~ Head of Medical Operations

Training Instructors & Other Employees

  • Chris Swordbones: Marksmanship and Sword combat.
  • Doug: Royal Bodyguard
  • John Helmbatten (DS): Personal Trainer
  • Dragonbulk(DS): Weapons Specialist
  • Cherie (SO): Grenades Specialist, and Head of Medical Operations


  • Roger Wildeagle


  • Thomal Brawlstack
  • Dragon Slash
  • Captain Ricky Delaruse
  • Aplentia


Main Base

The main bootcamp is located across the entire island of Isla Perdida. It contains several SCUD Launchers and SAM Rockets, specially designed by Daggerpaine Industries for Skull's Bootcamp. They are experimental, but from tests, have been perfected. It also contains several camps, with barracks, shooting ranges, showers, mess hall, and several other recreational buildings. It contains a small port too for the
  • A Sign of the camp
  • A SAM missile in a main part of the camp
  • A Picture of the camp
  • A Soldier Training on the obsticle course
  • A SCUD Launcher defending the camp
bootcamps navy and military vessels, along with a way to transport goods and supplies to the camp

Secondary Base

The Secondary base is a camp in El Sudoron. It contains areas for training guns and Swords. Marksmanship would take place near the camp and on the hill. As for Sword training, it would be on the lower ground near the Stumps and Fly Traps. The Marines' pet, Dreadtooth (AKA Placid), lives here.


These will be the types of grades for our new training sessions.

Category A B C D F
Responsibility Is doing perfectly; no reminders needed. Can take care of themselves with some reminders. Does good, but can improve; dies sometimes Needs to improve on listening; dies a lot, but not too many times. Cannot take care of themself whatsoever; dies constantly.
Obedience Obeys orders without hesitation; outstanding effort. Obeys with some reminders. Needs to obey more, but does good. Obeys with lots of hesitation; needs a personal trainer. Refuses to cooperate; Needs personal trainer.
Teamwork Marine works very well in a team; Almost flawless to completely flawless; Eligible to ask for lone wolf. Works great in a team; Might be eligible for lone wolf style. Does well in a team, but needs a team to survive. Doesn't do so well in the team; needs some help. Constantly dies in team; refuses to fight alongside the team; Abandons group constantly.
Skill Marine has great skill, uses weapons well; hardly hit Is good, no major damage from enemies Average in fighting; gets medium damage from enemies Below Average; has a lot of trouble with weapons Poor skill; gains major damage; dies a lot; cannot use weapons.



Passing grades

These are the grades you get for the points in total.

F=169 and under

Getting good grades helps you rank up. When you reach a certain rank, the leaders will decide if you're eligible for passing on to the Royal Military.

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