Slogs are a formation of the Darknesse but they were part of the dark they used to be part of the light.Jolly Roger helped the darkness out and cursed the light's nicest creature into a slog.They used to be so kind,and polite.But since jolly cursed them they become stronger feasting on anyone's feet.Powerful they are they used their hands as weapons you can never go one on one with them with your bare hands because if you do then he'll suck you into his slime and then create another slog.Their eyes become red when they start killing even more brighter than the sun.

The Slog

This is a slog...

Slog's uses

Slogs can multiple when they touch a person.Whenever they get mad they will kill without the victim even noticing that he/she is being attacked.The Slogs has a special feature making their stench more deadly enough to kill a small infant.</div>

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