The Spanish Royal Family

Grand Elders - Spartan, Johnny Goldtimbers, Treasurer, Carlos

King - Pearson Wright

Queen - Rainbow Unicorn

Sister to the King - Jade Stormfury

First Born Prince - Cadet

First Born Princess - Stardust

Secondary Prince - Dandandragon

Secondary Princess - Trish Peer

Primary Prince - Captain Rad

Primary Princess - Hannah Bluefeather

Co Prince - John Macbatten

Co Princess - Elizabeth Pondbellows

Royal Prince - Hippie

Royal Princess - Chelsea

Associative Prince - Peter Wavefury

Associative Princess - Morgan

Royal Count - Benjamin Macmorgan

Royal Duke - Spade

Royal Admiral - Captain Leon

Royal General - William Foulbutler

Royal Commander - Lawrence Helmbain

Royal Governor - Samuel Creststeel

Royal Company Lord - Ryan Blademonk

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