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Squirt can't even play Pong
Squirt can't even play Pong
*Squirt's name (Squirto19) was actually the first account name he ever used, he still uses it for a lot of things, to this day.
*Squirt's name (Squirto19) was actually the first name he ever used for an account on anything.
[[Category:True Stories]]
[[Category:True Stories]]

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Squirto19 (Minecraft) is a Minecraft Page.


Squirt, Squirto


February 2013




Dirt Knight


Who is this guy?

Squirto19 is the Minecraft account, of me. Originally I bought Minecraft to play on the server founded by Sharple, Olexcraft. After Olexcraft's closing, I went to many different servers, some with, and some without my friends. Currently I just play Singleplayer.

Current Skin

The Dirt Knight. Servant of Dirt Lord. He upholds the dirt law, and sees that no one defies his master.

Oh the skull? He's undead. Don't ask him about his mustache (it's glued on).

Servers I've Played on


One of my favorite servers I've ever played on. And one of the only servers I've been on, where I got to play with all of my friends (Except for the few new friends I have ;-;). Really great times on there.


Second favorite server of mine. Though I don't have any of my friends play with me here, I built a fortress once. Then sold it because forts are boring



  • Squirt has had only one name change before (two actually, but it was a change back, so doesn't count)
    • It was a name change for his Youtube channel, which he burned personally to the ground after a month working on it. Don't judge
      • Squirt tried to have a Youtube channel
        • Vote below if you believe Squirt isn't a loser and should be a Youtube game commentator with his squeaky high pitched voice

The poll was created at 00:18 on June 15, 2015, and so far 11 people voted.
  • Squirt's name (Squirto19) was actually the first name he ever used for an account on anything.
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