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The Staff of Armadyl

The Staff of Armadyl is an EXTREMELY powerful Voodoo staff. Powerful enough to throw the entire Caribbean into chaos, if not destroy it. It was created by a god, named Armadyl, who used the staff to create Voodoo itself. The staff was said to be created sometime during the 1st age of the Caribbean, back in the 800's. It was found almost the remains of a shipwreck of a Spanish galleon, the Señor Vinchenzo de la Madrid by an English explorer in 1418. It was taken back to England and place in display as Unidentified Object No. 1. Nobody knew what it was. It was held in display until 1712, where it was taken by a powerful mage. ALL Voodoo magic in the Caribbean is derived from this staff, giving the owner control over every Voodoo weapon in the Caribbean. All abilities are either Rank 8 or +8. It is a Legendary Cursed Staff.

  • Level 30 Staff required
  • Attack: 191
  • ALL Immunity Rank 8
  • Curse Strike (Curses enemy with every hit)
  • Dead Wind (Leaves enemy with 500 health then slowly takes it by fire, acid, poison, and bane damage.)
  • Aura of Death(a black aura that takes 200 health every 3 seconds)
  • Cleanse Rank 8
  • Endurance boost +8
  • Silence (Staff charge cannot be interrupted)
  • Replaces Desolation with Soul Storm and Wither with Corruption
  • Instant Recharge( 55% faster charge on all skills Rank 8)
  • Corruption boost +8
  • Soul Storm boost +8
  • Fire Skull boost +8
  • Judgement (Emerald light from top of staff strikes enemy for 7,000 damage.)
  • Summon Undead (Summons an army of 15 Undead Legends LvL50 to attack enemy) Rank 8
  • Necro Blast (Uses a necromancy based attack to attack the enemy) Rank 8
  • Powerful Rank 8
  • Enlighten (Increases Attack, Defense, and Strength by 20%) Rank 8
  • Vengeance (Automatically attacks enemy should you die) Rank 8
  • Valor (Heals you and all pirates around you, and revives any knocked out pirates when activated as well as killing all enemies in a huge radius around you making them drop Loot Skull Chests)
  • Rage (Gives you invincibility for 180 seconds as well as increased drop loot rating and gold by 55% and increases Attack, Defense, and Strength.)
  • Power Nova (Causes a star-like explosion hitting all enemies around you. Similar to a Supernova.)