Will ye be the first one to claim Shadow's wallet known to be fill with riches and joy??!! This wallet is be one of the richest wallets in the world! Will you kill shadow?

Name Task Reward
Getting to the theft Visit LeClerc Sharpe, then ask him where Shadow's whereabouts are. 150 Notoriety Points
Marooning Destroy 5 Royal Navy ships 250 Notoriety Points
Boarding Board the last ship as a vessel 500 Notoriety Points
Take over Bride the crew, and set sail to take his wallet 150 Notoriety Points
Sail to last seen location. Sail off the coast of Padres Del Fuego, Cortola 50 Notoriety Points
Old friend... Visist Shadow's old friend Hodge 25 Notoriety Points
Bad news Hodge tells you that he has no wallet and only has a safe 125 Notoriety Points
Kill Kill Hodge hes useless now 25 Notoriety Points
Visit William Turner Visit William Turner for the big raiding of Shadow's house 100 Notoriety Points
Gathering Recover 10 rocks from the Royal Navy at the royal caverns 25 Notoriety Points
Gathering Recover 5 crabs 25 Notoriety Points
Return Return to Tia Dalma 50 Notoriety Points
Gather another crew Gather 5 crew members to help take his safe 75 Notoriety Points
Talk to LeClerc Sharpe Visit Sharpe for known coordinates of his location 50 gold
Go To Shadow's Mansion Visit Padres Del Fuego, Cortala 75 notoriety Points
Go to Shadow Challenge Shadow to a duel, get defeated by Shadow 150 notoriety Points
Shadow Shadow tells the crew that LeClerc Sharpe was lying about the safe and wallet, and you and your crew want to kill him 500 notoriety Points
Visit William Turner Go to William Turner for that Sharpe has disappeared 100 notoriety Points
Sink The Queen Sink The Queen Anne's Revenge for more clues 175 notoriety Points
Bride Jack Bride Jack Pistol for the know-abouts of LeClerc Sharpe 75 notoriety Points
Destroy LeClerc Sharpe Defeat LeClerc Sharpe on Tortuga, Abassa 500 notoriety Points
Cut off the head Cut off the head of LeClerc Sharpe 200 notoriety Points
Visit Shadow Return to Shadow with LeClerc Sharpe's head 1000 notoriety Points
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