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Isla Inferno's Story Quest can be only be done once you're lv 40. The quest takes you to Isla Inferno an evil island!

Part 1. Finding Isla Inferno

Find William Smith

You go to the only person who knows that still knows that this island exists, William Smith, NPC version, on Port Royal, Fort Charles by the gyspy in the tents. He just writing some notes as you approach him.

Cutscene: "Who are you, what do you want? Oh looking for Isla Inferno. Bad idea mate going to that place is worse than hell itself. Fine. I'll tell you where it is but don't tell anybody that I told you where it is. Big trouble I could get into if people find out where it is. By the way mate, this infomation ain't free.

When you complete this then 500 gold pieces will be taken from your gold count. Then you go to Isla Inferno

100 Noteriety

Going to Isla Inferno

Then the map will appear and the island with a fog will appear. There is Isla Inferno. Then you have to sail to Isla Inferno. On the way there you'll see many ship of the line. They are tough so try to avoid them at all costs.

When you get to the island then you have to find the group of surviviors in the port town on Isla Inferno. Follow the light and it'll lead you the way to the Tavern called Titan's Arm. When you enter they'll be a few survivors with guns behind a barricade looking if your Undead or not. Then you'll have to go to Henry Grimm.

100 Noteriety

Cutscene: "So you came to this hell hole! Surprised you made it by those Undead Reapers. Well mate I don't trust just anybody that comes to me and asks me where the legendary weapons are. After all so called "pirates" have come before to help us and then end up working for the devil himself! Prove your worth to my men then come back to me I'll tell you where those cursed blades be.

Part 2. Proving your worth

Henry Grimm wants you to prove yourself to help them escape the island but he doesn't trust anybody after Aeolus tricked them and made Jolly Roger curse the island. Talk to either of his men still with him(order doesn't matter in which you do your quest in)

Talk to Nate Darkskull

100 Noteriety

Cutscene: "Ok if Grimm wants you to prove your worth to us and him then I want you to finish off those Undead Reapers and kill the Undead Reaper, Tyrant who killed my wife and take back my wife's gold chain he stole!

Quest: Kill 30 Undead Reapers and Tryant

Kill 30 Undead Reapers and Kill the Undead Reaper Boss, Tyrant and bring back Darkskull's wife gold chain.

When your done with this(if your still alive) return to Darkskull

300 Noteriety

Cutscene: "Surprised you made it back in one piece. Thanks for bringing back my gold chain maybe with her chain I could still remeber her. * A tear comes out of Darkskull's eye then he wipes the tear off * Anyway your not done. I still need you to do me one favor. Sink 10 ghosts ships around Isla Inferno, that way those devils will be out of the sea as well"

Quest: Sink 10 Ghost Ships

Sink 10 ghosts ships around Isla Inferno. Bonus: Sink the Ship of the line, SS Diablo. Recieve the famed Dark Mutineer Blade!

Once you finish this return to Darkskull.

100 Noteriety ( If you did bonus then you get the Famed Dark Mutineer Cursed Blade! )

Cutscene: " Well mate you seem to be trustworthy enough for me. Tell Grimm that you can be trusted. Hey also becareful of the "fury". "

Return to Henry Grimm

Cutscene: " Good you finished Nate's part of trust but go prove your worth to my other men as well. Can't be to careful "

100 Noteriety

Talk to Johnny Daggerfist

100 Noteriety

Cutscene: " Ok if you want my trust you have to prove it! Aeolus betrayed us before and he said that he could help and now look outside! Sorry mate little mad at Aeolus but anyway if you could prove to me that we could trust you then we'll tell you where those blades are. First things first we haven't had much to drink being on this island and all. Bring us back rum and lots of it."

Quest: Rum and lots of it

They haven't had much to drink in a long time and they need some rum to relax a bit. Get 25 bottles of rum from the Royal Navy ships and 30 bottles of rum from the Royal Navy ships. Once your done with this return to Daggerfist with the bottles of rum.

200 Noteriety

Cutscene: " Good * Takes the bottle and drinks out of it * Ah nothing like rum to relax a person. Great mate but before I start to get drunk kill General Darkhart and bring me back his ring. Now get out of here and hurry Night time falls quick on this island!"

Quest: General Darkhart

Kill General Darkhart and bring back his ring. Bonus: Kill Remington the Vicious, Reward: Dagger of the Hawk Idol!

200 Noteriety ( If you killed Remington you get the Dagger of the Dark Idol! )

Cutscene: " Good. Sorry mate a little hung over but do tell Grimm that you have my trust. Is that a hawk?"

Return to Henry Grimm

100 Noteriety

Cutscene: " Ok thanks for the rum by the way haven't had any in months. But my two other men still need to approve of you. Go find out what they want."

Talk to Jack Redbane

100 Noteriety

Cutscene: " So Grimm sent you and you want to prove your loyalty to us. My biggest issue on this island are the Rage Ghosts. Terrible ghosts they are and worst of all they are our loved ones. I want you to end their lives that way they could move on. "

Defeat 10 Rage Ghosts on Isla Inferno

Jack wants you to kill these rage ghosts that way they could move on and not be in terrible anger the rest of their lives. After you do this return to Jack for the next part of the quest.

100 Noteriety

Cutscene: " Good hope those rage ghosts are in a better place. Rage ghosts are a walk in the park mate the Undead Reapers the real issue on this island. They were once our friends and family but Jolly's curse brought them to turn into what they are now. Defeat 15 Undead Reapers and then return to me once your done. Good luck mate, you'll need it."

Defeat 15 Undead Reapers

Undead Reapers are hard and aggressive. They could be found anywhere on the island. Once your done with that return to Jack.

100 Noteriety

Cutscene: " Glad you made it back in one piece mate. But your not done. There is a Fear Reaper Boss called Fear, ironic name really. He lives in the Cave of Insanity guarded by a demon Boss called Gorog. Defeat Fear and remeber it's called the Cave of Isanity. Don't go insane while in there. But before you go in there you need protection from the Insanity in there. There is an old undead gyspy that could help us out with this delema. Go to her first and see if she could help."

Visit the Undead Gyspy

She is only found in Isla Inferno's Graveyard. Go there and see if she is going to help.

100 Noteriety

Cutscene: " Who goes there? Ah a mortal. Haven't seen any mortals on this island in a long time. * Laughs and then drinks out of her caludron* Want some? * You then say no * Very well you want protection from Fear's Isanity? You need a charm that I don't have sadly. I could tell you how to make it but I demand payement. Retrieve 3 knives from Undead Reapers and 1 ghastly visage from a Fear Reaper. Hurry back dangerous in this graveyard at night."

Payment for the Charm.

The Undead Gyspy wants you to bring her payment. After all being a Gyspy needs to make a living. After you finish this return to her.

200 Noteriety

Cutscene: " Ah you brought me back my payment. Ok I'll tell you the ingredients for the charm. Retrieve these ingredients and bring them back to me."

Making the charm.

  • 15 huge alligators' tails
  • 5 Undead Raider bones
  • 1 piece of bark from a ghost ship
  • 20 Undead Reaper Bones

Once you finish gathering the ingredients then return to the Undead Gyspy.

400 Noteriety

Cutscene: " Good you've brought back my.. I mean your ingredients. Ok now your services are no longer required. * Gets out her doll and begins to attack you * "

Kill the Undead Gyspy

She wants this charm for her own reasons, that you don't know of, but you have to defeat her in order to get the charm. She is a LV 40 boss. She is dangerous so be careful.

Cutscene: " * She's gasping then she laughs * Here is your charm but I warn you I ever see you again I'll kill you. * Laughing then she disappears. "

Return to Jack Redbane

Go back to Jack and tell him that you have the charm.

100 Noteriety

Cutscene: " Ah you found the charm. Sorry about that gyspy. At least you came out in one piece. Ok, now that you have the charm go kill Fear. But remeber nobody that I've heard of made it out sane."

Defeat Fear

Jack wants you to defeat Fear because he lost his wife in there and she went insane. He wants revenge so kill Fear. He is found in the Cave of Insanity. Gorog at this point won't be there...

Cutscene: "* You start to see familiar faces and loved ones gone, but you dont know who there are. Then you hear laughter. Then you get out your sword and prepare to fight Fear. Fear then speaks* YOU have come to my lair. My home my place to be? * He Laughs* Don't be a fool mate. Many pirates have come to me and all have failed to defeat me. You won't fight. * Then he tries to make you become insane but he fails * Ah you have that charm from that fool gyspy. She is nothing. You may be protected from my influence but I can still kill you mortal! * He laughs * "

Once the cutscene ends you have to fight and defeat Fear. Once you finish this another cutscene occurs.

Cutscene: " * He's gasping* Mortal,...... you may have defeated me but I see you again I'll kill you and make sure that the fool, Jolly Roger makes you one of his slaves. * He disappears *"

Return to Jack Redbane.

Return to Jack Redbane

500 Noteriety

Cutscene: " Simply amazed mate. Fear has killed many and you still made it out. You earned my trust. Tell Grimm that we could trust you. "

Return to Henry Grimm

100 Noteriety

Cutscene: " Great. Surprised you actually survived Fear, ironic name really, but anyway I'm starting to trust you but finish what my last guy tells you to do and come back and I'll tell you where the legendary blades are."

Talk to Lt. Pearson Gunhawk

Cutscene:" So you want my trust. Well before I could trust you plunder some ships and bring me back their sails."

Sink 25 EITC ships

Sink 25 EITC ships. Bonus: Sink the HMS Invincble, Item: Robber's Sea Globe. Once you finish this then return to Lt. Pearson Gunhawk.

Return to Lt. Pearson Gunhawk

100 Noteriety ( if you did the bonus then you get the Robber's Sea Globe! )

Cutscene:" This is a good plunder. I was once a navy officer. I was one of the people that designed Fort Ashlock and a few buildings on the island. I want you to take a design specs from Fort Ashlock and bring it back to me."

Fort Ashlock's specs

Lt. Pearson wants you to take design specs from Fort Ashlock on Isla Inferno. Becareful it was once a EITC fort and now Undead Reapers control it. One Rage Ghosts roames the offices so becareful of the ghost. Once you finish this then return to Lt. Pearson.

100 Noteriety

Cutscene:" Thanks for the specs. I'll need these to build... uh but beside the point your not done. I hate that the woods have been know to make people get lost forever. My brother went into there. Find out what happened to him."

What happened to Pearson's brother?

Lt. Pearson wants to find out what happened to his brother after he went in the Woods a time back. Go to the woods and see what you can find.

When you go into the woods a cutscene will occur.

Cutscene:" * You start to see images like in the Cave of Insanity then after it goes away you go into the woods*"

After this short cutscene then you look for Pearson's brother. Follow the quest light to find him. Be careful undead reapers and rage ghosts inhabit this area. When you find Pearson's brother he'll appear as a ghost.

100 Noteriety

Cutscene:" Who are you? Oh Pearson sent you here. Well sad to tell you mate I died. Went in here because I thought that scum Morton was coming here and I followed him here. Then I died fighting to him. I heard him laugh, last thing I heard. But I want revenge. General Morton sometimes comes here to fight against the Undead Reapers and Rage Ghosts. After all being immortal you can fight anything and not die. But I want him of this island. As a ghost I saw him and fought him many times and he can be found by Fort Ashlock. Go there and fight him!"

Defeat General Morton

Pearson's brother wants you to defeat General Morton as revenge for killing him many years ago. He can be found by Fort Ashlock inside the fort. When you find him then you'll see a cutscene first.

Cutscene:" You came here to fight me mortal! I have defeated more powerful foes than you. Ah Pearson's brother sent you here to fight me. Well mortal fight me then!"

At this point you come out of the cutscene and you begin to fight Morton. He appears as a lv 42 boss. He uses a broadsword and attacks violently. He also laughs as you fight him. Once you defeat him then a cutscene appears.

Cutscene:" Mortal I'm Immortal but just because you've defeated me doesn't me I can't tell you this. Those blades are worse than those on Raven's Cove. They will.. * laughs* you'll find out. * He then runs away into the Woods."

Return to Pearson's Brother

Simple return to his brother.

100 Noteriety Cutscene:" Thanks so much mate Morton may be gone for now but he will always want this island for Jolly Roger. Anyway tell Pearson what happened and tell him not to worry about me. I'll be fine."

Return to Lt. Pearson

100 Noteriety

Cutscene:" Oh well... * tear drops from his eye* Well at least Morton that scum is weakened for now anyway. Tell Grimm that your trustworthy."

Return to Henry Grimm

100 Noteriety

Cutscene:" Ok so all my men trust you. But you still have to earn my trust. There is an issue that I want you to get rid off. There Rage Ghosts deserve to go to the afterlife. Finish them off and help them to the other side."

Rage Ghosts

Defeat 25 rage ghosts on Isla Inferno. When you finish this then return to Henry Grimm.

Return to Grimm

100 Noteriety

Cutscene:" Hope those rage ghosts are on the other side. Ok my men trust you and you have earned my trust. Ok the legendary weapons are in the Inferno Mines. Be careful there mate they are huge and crawling with Undead Reapers and Rage Ghosts."

Part 3. Inferno's Mines

The Inferno Mines are vast mines and are said to contain riches beyond wildest believe. Also many vast weapons. The only problem is Undead Reapers and Rage Ghosts and Fear Reapers that inhabit this area. When you come in here there will be an Undead Raider attacking an Undead Reaper and you also see General Morton attacking the Undead Raider. After General Morton and the Undead Raider kill the undead reaper then a cutscene will occur.

Cutscene:" So you found out where these mines are mortal. But mate your asking for trouble to get these weapons. Since you've defeated me I'll help you to get thosr weapons. One peice of advice that these mines have three ways down. This level then two more levels down. The third level is where these weapons are. But they require a magic charm that can only be found on Undead Reaper bosses."

Defeat the Undead Reaper Bossess.

There are Undead Reapers all over the island. Morton is helping you obtain these charms but wants you to kill the 3 main Undead Reaper Bosses Once you've completed this then go to the Inferno Mines and take the charms to General Morton.

Defeat Syth

Syth is a deadly undead reaper boss on Isla Inferno. He can be found in Fort Ashlock. Syth is dangerous an he is guarded by Undead Reapers. When you get to Fort Ashlock and get to his chamber a cutscene will appear.

Cutscene:" * Laughter* So that idiot working for Jolly Roger sent you here to defeat me. I'll tell you something, those blades are mine and are mine only. Jolly Roger may want them but they belong to me. The curse will.... never mind * laughter * You'll find out yourself. But very well mortal, fight me!"

Once this occurs Syth will begin to attack you. As you attack him and his health goes lower than he summons undead reapers to help him out. Once you defeat him then he disappears. Then you have to go back to Morton in the Inferno Mines once you defeat the other bosses.

Defeat Tyrant

Tyrant is an undead reaper boss that has been sending many of Jolly Roger's undead forces to the grave again. Morton also wants you to have experience with death first. If you defeat Tyrant first time and not die you get, Bonus: Silver Freeze. Once you defeat him then go back to Morton after you defeat the last boss.

Defeat Terror

Terror is an undead reaper boos that fights very aggresively to protect the Inferno Mines. He can be found guarding the mines. Be careful he summons undead reapers to help him out as well. Once you defeat him and the the other two bosses return to Morton.

Return to Morton

300 Noteriety

Cutscene:" Well mate those bosses you've defeated are of the Natives Order. They are all the undead and ghosts on this island. Anyway I found the key to the second level down. Jolly Roger needs me for....uh ... anyway I got to go. Here's the key. Remember mortal we'll meet again. Good luck."

Inferno Mines Second Level

Now that you have the key to the second level in the mines you have to find the way down. At the very end of the mine they're be a elevator shaft leading down. Now that you have the key go down into the second level. Then your quest inventory will appear and it'll tell you to go to T'sunami, tribe leader during the The First Civil War. T'sunami when then give you the next part of your quest.

Cutscene:" Ah you've come to me for the weapons right below us. It's a fool's erand, not worth it. But I'll help you. The Undead Reaper Bosses were once people like us until Jolly Roger cursed this island. Go to each of the bosses on this island and kill them. Then return to me with one item from each of the bosses."

Defeat the Undead Reaper Bosses

T'sunami wants you to kill all the Undead Reaper Bosses on Isla Inferno.

Once you defeat all of these bosses return to T'sunami for the next part of the quest.

1000 Noteriety

Cutscene:" Well let's hope that did the trick for ah..... well anyway if your ready to go into the mines below then here's the key. Good luck your going to need it."

Weapons Level of Inferno Mines

Cutscene:" *You see yourself coming into the mines. You see undead reapers around this area go away. You pull out your blade and walk past them then you approach a temple underground. Then in the distance you see a hooded man* So? You really think that I'll just allow you to take one of these weapons and give it to Jolly Roger? * You then reliaze that it's T'sunamI!* * He laughs * Fool this island is mine and only mine. TAKE A WEAPON AND FIGHT ME!!"

Defeat T'sunami

At this point you come out of the cutscene and then you have to choose between the three legendary weapons in front of you.

Once you decide what blade you get in order to escape the mines kill T'sunami. He'll appear as a lv 71 undead reaper boss.

1000 Noteriety

Cutscene:" Well if you dare try to kill me then that blade will die with YOU!"

He then will bring the entire third level of the mine down. At this point you will have three minuted to escape the third level before it collapses. If you die then you will have the choice of doing that cutscene again or leave the mines.

Escaping the Mines

All you have to do is escape the third level of the mines. Once you make it out of the third level then you have to leave the Inferno Mines.

100 Noteriety

Cutscene:" * You see yourself holding onto the legendary blade you got then you start to notice that it glows red and as you hold it up you see lightning strike you down. When you get up you see the mark of T'sunami!*


Rewards for finishing quest

  • Cursed blade of your choice
  • Mark of T'sunami, you have a curse now that will be revealed at a later date
  • Teleportation access to Isla Inferno

I hope that this quest was fun and challenging for you guys tell me what you guys think about it in the comments.


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