I got this idea a few days ago when daydreaming. I noticed in the beginning of the tutorial when you meet Elizabeth Swann, she says she has arranged a ship for you, and wishes she could go with you, but she's awaiting her father's return and he is long overdue. So this is where my idea comes in. At level 40, the story quest unlocks. Elizabeth asks for your help in finding her father, who hasn't returned from his trip to England.

The Quest

The quest will be in standard POTCO wiki quest format:

Name Task Reward
Urgent Request Visit Elizabeth Swann in Governor's Mansion on Port Royal. 100 Notoriety Points
Inquire on Ship's return date Visit Ensign Grimm on Port Royal 50 Notoriety Points
Bribing Bribe Ensign Grimm with 100 gold. 50 Notoriety Points
Recover charts. Recover charts from a desk in Trading Co. Office on Tortuga. 100 Notoriety Points
Sail to last seen location. Sail off the cost of Raven's Cove to search for a wreckage. 100 Notoriety Points
Board the wreckage. Board the mysterious wreckage and speak to Lt. Theodore Groves. 25 Notoriety Points
Disarm Groves. Defeat Groves so you can get below deck. 125 Notoriety Points
Speak to the Wounded Governor Swann Visit Weatherby Swann in the Captain's Cabin on the Mysterious Wreckage. 25 Notoriety Points
Visit Tia Dalma Visit Tia Dalma for a special healing potion. 25 Notoriety Points
Potion Ingredients Recover 25 Jumbee Eyeballs 75 Notoriety Points
Recover the soul of a Rage Ghost 75 Notoriety Points
Return to Tia Dalma 75 Notoriety Points
Deliver Potion Deliver the Healing Potion to Weatherby Swann on Mysterious Wreckage. 75 Notoriety Points
Talk to Gillette Visit Gillette on Mysterious Wreckage. 75 notoriety Points
Recover materials and food. Sink 20 Phantom Ships 15 notoriety Points
Sink 15 Revenant Ships 25 notoriety Points
Sink 10 Storm Reaper Ships 75 notoriety Points
Sink 5 Death Omen Ships 75 notoriety Points
Sink The Queen Anne's Revenge 175 notoriety Points
Recover 25 pieces of Devourer Crab Meat 75 notoriety Points
Recover 15 pieces of Huge Alligator Meat. 75 notoriety Points
Return to Gillette. 175 notoriety Points
Visit Elizabeth Swann Visit Elizabeth Swann and assure that her father will be home soon. 1000 notoriety Points

So, there it is! Hope you enjoyed reading!

Post Quest Notes

  • You are Unable to board the mysterious wreckage after or before the quest. If you try to a message will pop up saying "Its too dangerous to board an unstable wreckage."
  • In case you didn't know, the game takes place between POTC 1 and POTC 2, Weatherby Swann dies in POTC 3, so it is ok to have a quest with him in the game. (Same with Gillette and Groves, as they died in POTC 4)
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