The Outlands Story Quest is a story quest received in the Faithful Bride on Tortuga. You must be level 35+ to receive the quest. Before this quest is started, the player cannot go into the forest on The Outlands.

If you attempt to go into the forest before receiving this quest, you will be stopped and a message in the chat box will say: "Something repels me from this place. I must go back."

Bonus Items can be obtained by doing this quest

  • Bonus Items obtained through this quest cannot be found elsewhere and cannot be retrieved if they are sold or trashed

The Quest

Task Description
Talk to Jack Sparrow Talk to Jack Sparrow to hear about his idea. Jack explains that Raven's Cove is not the only island with cursed weapons. The Outlands, he says, contains enough cursed weaponry to enslave the entire Caribbean. This is why, he says, he must get them before Jolly Roger does.
Journey to The Outlands Sail to the mysterious island known as The Outlands
Talk to Villagers After docking at the village, question the villagers about the cursed weapons. They will all tell you that the Village Elder will have more insight on the subject.
Talk to Village Elder

Talk to the Village Elder, who is located near the entrance to the Forest. He will tell you that, many years ago, a man named Nitidus abused the voodoo powers of the natives to make his crew's weapons cursed. Nitidus then attempted to use these weapons to enslave the Outland natives, but he was sealed away inside of the mountain.

The Elder says that the chamber was sealed with a voodoo curse and that materials would have to be retrieved in order to lift the curse. He says to collect 20 Spanish and 20 French bones from the undead roaming in the Forest.

Defeat  Spanish and French Undead
  • Collect 20 Spanish skeleton bones from Spanish Undead Capitans
  • Collect 20 French skeleton bones from French Undead Capitaines
Talk to Village Elder

Talk to the Village Elder. He says that skeletons from Nitidus's crew were used in the curse, but that the French were also used as an "added touch."

Next, the Elder says to collect 10 voodoo dolls from Undead Gypsies and 10 daggers from Undead Raiders.

Defeat More Undead
  • Collect 10 voodoo dolls from Undead Gypsies
  • Collect 10 daggers from Undead Raiders
Talk to Village Elder

Talk to the Village Elder. He will say dirt from every single other island in the Caribbean is necessary to open the chamber.

Additionally, he also states that 10 cursed weapons from Davy Jones's Crew on Isla Tormenta are necessary

Defeat Jones's Crew and Collect Dirt
  • Sail to and dock at every single island in the Caribbean (note: teleportation totems don't work for this)
  • Collect 10 cursed weapons from any sword-wielding member of Davy Jones's Crew on Isla Tormenta
Talk to Village Elder Talk to the Village Elder. He will say that, in order to access the Waterfall Skull, you must defeat Cucaracha, the Spanish Undead Capitan and former crewmate of Nitidus's guarding the entrance.
Defeat Cucaracha Cucaracha, a former crewmate of Nitidus's, stands guard at the entrance to the Waterfall Skull. You must defeat him.
Talk to Village Elder Talk to the Village Elder. He will say that your battle is only half over and that another undead guard, a French Undead Capitaine by the name Cafard.
Defeat Cafard Cafard, the leader at the only attempt by France to colonize The Outlands, stands guard at the entrance of the Waterfall Skull where Cucaracha was before. You must defeat him.
Talk to Village Elder

Talk to the Village Elder. He will say that it is now time to enter the chamber and confront Nitidus. He will then hand you an unknown item bearing resemblance to a Voodoo Staff.

(Treasure Map is unlocked)

Treasure Map: The Chamber of Nitidus

Note: You will not be able to access Nitidus's Chamber before activating the Treasure Map.

Enter the Skull

  • Enter the pathway into the Waterfall Skull that Cucaracha and Cafard were blocking

Cutscene: <insert name here> walks to their left, alongside the waterfall. After not too long, they comes across a large, ornately-designed door. They push with all of their might, but they are unable to open the door. Remembering the staff that they were given by the Villager Elder, <insert name here> pulls it out. After holding it near the door, the top begins to glow red, blue, and green. The door slowly descends into the ground.

Destroy the Crowd

Cutscene: Upon entering the chamber, <insert name here> sees a large horde of undead in front of them. <insert name here> pulls out their weapon of choice and prepares for a battle.

  • Defeat 6 Undead Raiders
  • Defeat 6 Undead Gypsies
  • Defeat 8 Spanish Undead Capitans
  • Defeat 8 French Undead Capitaines

Enter the Chamber

  • Use the Voodoo Staff-like item on the Chamber door to open

Cutscene: <insert name here>, unsure of how to use the Voodoo Staff-like item, hits the top of it against the door. Instantly, the top of the item begins to glow red and blue and and the large chamber door will slowly descend into the ground.

  • Enter the Chamber

The Final Battle

Cutscene: As <insert name here> enters the chamber, they see a large skeletal man in pirate attire on the other side of the room. The man identifies himself to be Nitidus. Nitidus says the following:

"Why did you come here? Are you just some foolish explorer? Are you some idiot trying to steal my cursed weapons? Whatever your purpose, I plan on putting an end to it. Cucaracha, Cafard, end this fool!"

Nitidus summons Cucaracha and Cafard, the skeletons blocking <insert name here>'s entrance to the chamber to begin with. They are 5 levels and a few thousand health stronger than they were before.

Cutscene: As <insert name here> defeats Cucaracha and Cafard, Nitidus says the following:

"You're quite impressive. However, this means nothing. You may look at me and simply see a skeleton who should be six-feet under, but beneath this hard shell is more voodoo power than you could ever imagine."

Nitidus then initiates his Pirate God form. His attack and defense rise significantly higher than they normally would be and his health increases by 4,500 its normal height. Nitidus then says the following:

"Yes, I can feel the divine power running through my skeleton. I never once felt as powerful as I do now during my lifetime. Prepare to spend eternity in this den with me, foolish pirate, for I am God!"

Cutscene: After Nitidus is defeated by <insert name here>, Nitidus says the following:

"Ah, so you are the one they call <insert name here>. Well, don't expect me to be done; I plan on being the one responsible for your demise. However, I will let you live... this time. Take what you want and leave before I change my mind, scum!"

  • Take Nitidus's sword and leave

The Aftermath

Cutscene: <insert name here> leaves the Waterfall Skull with Nitidus's sword and go back down through the forest and to the Village Elder. The Village Elder says the following:

"Well, perhaps I judged you too quickly. I had high doubts that you would return from such an arduous quest. We could use a hand like you around at other times when trouble calls. Would you be up for it?"

The Village Elder then gives you a teleportation totem to the island in case you'd like to come back and help the people out with trouble, or even just to visit.

Everything fades to black.

Congratulations! You have unlocked:

Game Notes

  • You can fight Nitidus in the chamber after completing the quest without having to use the Treasure Map. He will not be in God Pirate form unless you do the Treasure Map again.
  • Unlike Nitidus, Cucaracha and Cafard cannot be fought again without using the Treasure Map.
    • They cannot be fought at level 35 outside the Waterfall Skull again; only at level 40 by Nitidus's side.
  • This quest is the only time you will ever receive The Lost Sword of Nitidus. Selling or trashing it means you can never get another one.
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