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My colorful face
Welcome to my page!
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The story of Stpehen

To read the story I have written about Stpehen's life, visit the sub-section of this page, here


ElPatronIcon.png Stpehen is in possession of the Lost Sword of El Patron!
Icon Cursed ww.jpg Stpehen is in possession of the World Eater Blade!
Mercer's Blades mp icon.jpg Stpehen is in possession of the legendary Silver Freeze!
Triforce.gif Stpehen has reached Notoriety level 50 and joined the No Groggy Club!
Pistol eagle eye.png Stpehen's Favorite server is Cortevos or Vachira!!
FamedWeapons.png Stpehen has 150 or more;honestly I have no idea Famed Items!
Volcano.gif Stpehen has climbed the Padres Volcano!


  • Blown up by 2 powder keg runners at once, didn't die.
  • Every invasion Jolly roger shoots me and I live.(dark thunderbolt)
  • If Jolly does kill me, I can get right up next to him with a sword and never die.
  • Best enemy killed alone: Level 50 Foulberto Smasho
  • Highest boss killed: Foulberto Smasho level 50
  • Fastest ship speed: 21 knots on a war sloop
  • I sunk an ogre using only grapeshot and got 152 rep.
  • Cure is 10375-ish, heal is 3000+
  • Recovered the Black Pearl 3 times.
  • I've reached the top of the volcano on Padres!
  • I dealt the final blow to Jolly Roger in an invasion.
  • I've looted 3 legendary weapons, World Eater Blade, Lost sword of El Patron and Silver Freeze.
  • I killed Dark Hart with a critical strike bane shot. 16000-something damage
  • 100+ famed in total, some doubles, others triples. Most Trashed.


  • Sacred Cutlass
  • Seven Seas Cutlass x2
  • Golden Charm x2
  • Bruiser's Cutlass x2
  • Buccaneer's Blunderbuss
  • Bejeweled Cutlass
  • Bloodfire Cutlass x2
  • Bloodfire Sabre
  • Privateer's Bayonet
  • Sword Master's Sabre x2
  • Gorilla Blunderbuss
  • Shaman Doll x3
  • Hex Guardian Doll
  • Grand Blunderbuss x3
  • Bloodfire Broadsword
  • Villainy Doll
  • Assassin's Cutlass x2
  • Bush Master Pistol
  • Occult Doll
  • War Scattergun
  • Bitter End
  • Demon Fang Knives x4
  • Bejeweled Sabre
  • Masterwork Cutlass
  • Doll of Sacred Rituals
  • Brigadier's Broadsword x2
  • Hex Breaker Musket x2
  • Sacred Repeater Pistol
  • Swamp Throwing Knives x2
  • Sharkfang Blade
  • Seven Seas Dagger
  • Revenant Doll
  • Masterwork Cutlass
  • Sacred Musket
  • Ripsaw Blade
  • Master Crafted Repeater Pistol
  • Sight Binder Doll
  • Whalebone Blade
  • Master Fencer's Sabre
  • Scoundrel's Knives x2
  • Dagger of the Dark Idol
  • Curse Breaker Doll
  • Masterwork Sabre
  • Viper's Den Knives
  • Sacred Pistol
  • Kingfisher Sabre
  • Lucky Charm
  • Knives of the Golden Idol
  • Amazon Throwing Knives x3
  • Scoundrel's Pistol
  • Razortooth sword

100+ famed weapons (Lost count)


  • Silver Freeze
  • World Eater Blade
  • Lost Sword of El Patron