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Dagger Form, using Assassin's Stab

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The Lost Blades of Stpehen are Legendary Throwing Knives/Dagger Combo. From long distances they are Throwing knives, but when you get up close they turn into a dagger.

Their special abilities: are Assassin's Stab rank 5, Drain Health, and Voodoo.

Assassin's Stab: You run up towards the enemy and aim for a vital spot. You can choose to aim for 3 spots: the Jugular, Heart or Kidneys. If your attack hits, you instantly kill the enemy, Causing a one-hit KO! This is a break attack and loads very slowly.


This skill does not work on Jolly Roger, Foulberto or any bosses.

  • Attack 81
  • Abilities: Assassin's Stab 5. Drain Health 5, Drain Voodoo 5.
  • Requires: Level 30 dagger, Notoriety level 50.
  • Sells for 1 gold (Why sell it?)