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The mighty Ship of the Line!

The Magical Ship

Sail ramming speed Sun Chariot is a War Frigate!!

The almighty Jeremiah Stormwash, and his crew of the Sun Chariot set out every morning to bring up the sun and chase away the Rage Ghosts. With the power of this great ship of the line, they sink all ships opposing their ways, even if it's a pirate ship. These pirates are more mighty than any others. Scarier to face than Davy Jones' crew, maybe even Jones himself. These pirates have faced the Flying Dutchman. But they are not afraid to face her again! So let Jones and his crew know, to always keep the cannons loaded, because one day, this mighty crew will rise above him and take his place to rightfully ferry dead souls across the seas!

This crew of brave buccaneer's include:

  • Jeremiah Stormwash (Captain)
  • Matthew Omalley (First Mate)
  • Matthew O'Malley (Second Mate)
  • Johnny Sea Slasher (Third Mate)
  • Joe Stormfellow (Master Gunner)
  • Jason O'Malley (Gunner)
  • Captain Josh (Gunner)
  • Ryan Blademonk (Gunner)
  • Edgar Wildrat (Representative)
  • Johnny Foulbellows (Navigator)
  • Simon (Mapmaker)
  • Bartholomew Bladeeagle (Gunner)
  • Buccaneer (Gunner)
  • Davy Cannonbreaker (Cabin Boy)
  • Erin Sword Stealer (Fighter)
  • Joester (Fighter)
  • Joseph Seastack (Fighter)
  • Mark Plunderrat (Fisherman)
  • Mary Sunswain (Cook)
  • Riverta Soulsteeler (Fighter)
  • Tobias Whalerage (Fighter)
  • Fearless (Fighter)
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