Sven X is a level 50 pirate on TLOPO with all skills maxed. He is currently a member of the guild, Galactic Order. He is War Master in land combat infamy. Sven is usually found looting in Tormenta on the server Kokojillo, or on Abassa Tortuga.


  • Notoriety: 50
  • Guild: Galactic Order
  • Main Server: Kokojillo
  • Favourite Weapons: Doom Rattler, Grand Blunderbuss, Assassin's Knives
  • Favourite Island: Padres Del Fuego
Pirate Icon Userbox Image01 Sven X is a Pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.
LevelTemplate50 Sven X has reached Notoriety level 50!
Beastinpvp Sven X is a BEAST in PvP
Screen shot 2012-02-17 at 11.25.39 AM Sven X has an old body type!
Mastered Sven X has mastered all of his weapons!
Icon Cursed cc Sven X is in possession of the Famed Cursed Blade Nautilus Blade!
Bloodfire Sven X is in possession of Jack Sparrow's Blade.


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