The Swiss Royal Parliament needs members to help its goverment parliament meeting will be held.

King : Matthew O'Malley I Of Switzerland

Prime Minister : Joesf Strom

House of Lords: Everyone that has Lord in their title

Lord Tyler Crossbones

Lord Christopher Ironshot

Lord Johnathan Scurvycastle

Lord William Keelspinner

Lord Charles Ironshot

House of Commons : Elected Reps Apply in comments

Department Of Warfare

  • Lord Tyler Crossbones
  • Lord Alexander Crossbones, Tyler's Secretary
  • Admiral of the Fleet, Lord Christopher Ironshot
  • Commodore Lord James Lawrence, Secretary to Admiral Ironshot ( Some days )
  • General of the Army, Lord Johnathan Scurvycastle
  • Head of Spies, - Classified -

Department Of Defence

Department Of Trade ( Swiss Trading Company ) Now Hiring

Lord Christopher Ironshot, Founder

Lord Horatio Charles, President

Lawrence Ironshot, Chairman

Department Of Recreation

Department Of Represenatives(From other contries may apply in the comment section below)

Ishmael Volkov - Representitive of England and Ireland

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