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The Sword of Valor

The Sword of Valor is an ancient, Viking-made weapon. It was created by Erik Silvurfist, using the power of runes. It was the pride of the vikings. Erik was the general on the raid of Lindasfarne, the first ever recorded Viking attack on Northern Britain. It was stolen from him by a thief, and sent to the South, where it could be kept safe. The keeper of the sword was said to be invincible in battle. The sword was stolen from each of it's previous masters, for the true powers of the sword is only released when it is taken from the previous master by force, or death. Finally, a man named Charles Digmoore buried the sword in the Cliffs of Dover. The sword seemed lost forever.

On an expedition to France, Robert Mcroberts found the sword sticking out of the cliff face. He didn't dare touch, but called the king of England, John Breasly, to come look at it. John pulled it from the rock and brought it to the Royal Museum, where it was locked in his personal study. After a voyage to the Caribbean, and several murder attempts upon his life, John knew the sword was almost too powerful to be kept in his study. John had a beautiful runed case made for him, and he slid the sword into it. He strapped it to his belt. It is unknown what happened within the study, but John left it, as people said, glowing. Today, King John Breasly is the official holder of the Sword of Valor.

Type/Rarity Legendary Viking Blade
Attack N/A 167
Resale N/A 1,000,000,000 gold
Valor Rank 10 Increase morale! Increase allies attacks 100%
Shocking Rune Rank 10 Use the power of Divination to zap your enemies
Icy Rune Rank 10 Use the power of Thaumaturgy to freeze your enemies
Soul Rune Rank 10 Use the power of Necromancy to curse your enemies
Ancient Rune Rank 10 Use the power of Sorcery to hex your enemies
Earthen Rune Rank 10 Use the power of Theurgy to heal your friends
Mystic Rune Rank 10 Use the power of Conjury to summon minions to help you
Firey Rune Rank 10 Use the power of Pyromancy to burn your enemies
Hack (combo) + 7 Basic swing
Low slash (combo) + 7 Graceful swipe
Cleave (combo) + 7 Powerful downward strike
Eviscerate (combo) + 7 Multiple vicious slices
Cyclone Cut (combo) + 7 Perform a circular spin while striking
Use N/A Sword level 30