The Sword of Yamato is the most vile sword of any shogun can imagine. This sword was originally hidden in The Cave of No Return on Raven's Cove. This sword sits in a rock heavily guarded by the spirits. The sword recently had been claimed around 1743 by a mere 14 year old adventurer; His name was Jason Clubheart. Legend has it he is under The Curse of Driven Blood where whoever wields this sword must constantly kill all that is evil. Rumor has it that this sword once belonged to a Japanese Shogun seeking refuge in Raven's Cove. This is the counterpart to Eviscerate.


  • Attack: 103
  • Abilites: The Curse of Driven Blood: Rank 1. This ability turns the user into a mad murder driven demon for a short time increasing all stats, while this is in affect you lose 5 health every second. Whirlwind Blades: Rank 3. A blue sword will spawn from the user's wrist and be used as a projectile. This attack will at least 1,225 damage. -3 To Blade Storm: This is the only downside besides a health drain during The Curse of Driven Blood.
  • Price: Only one in the whole world. Currently owned by Jason Clubheart.
  • Resale: No resale, if returned to rock curse is broken.
  • Used as a Katana.
  • Using this sword for excessive times becomes unstable. Switch to a new weapon every few days.
  • If curse takes over total chaos will break loose.

The Sword of Yamato, also known as the Demon Sword.

Pencil Boy Thanksgiving 2011

This is the proud owner of the Sword of Yamato. Jason Clubheart (Pencil Boy)

Vergil Devil Trigger

The Curse of Driven Blood.

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