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Team Piston is a Minecraft Page.

Team Piston (officially TeamPiston) was a player syndicate that last based their operations out of the Obercraft Pixelmon server, where they planned to operate a gym in the Savanna biome.

Originally, Team Piston based their operations out of GabeWorld. Their collective goal was to dominate the economy of GabeWorld (although GabeWorld's economic properties explicitly made this impossible, which they were well aware of). Upon moving to Obercraft, their plan shifted to obtaining rare Pokemon and operating a Pokemon Gym.



Team Piston was created by Cannonwalker and AwesomeA321 as their version of the villainous teams from Pokemon games (Team Rocket, Team Magma, Team Aqua, etc). Their goal was simple; become an economic superpower in GabeWorld. They hoped to achieve this by growing and selling nether warts, which the server bought for copious amount of money. Baron and Cannonwalker had already made lots of money off of this trade and hoped to use it for something.

Team Piston's original headquarters, which was later referred to as the "sea headquarters," was The Black Warrior; Cannonwalker's own home. However, AwesomeA would later begin construction of a land headquarters underneath the enchanting room of Savica (a village the group all were members of). The floors were made out of wood and the walls out of iron blocks, with one giant "P" made out of red wool on one of the walls. A ladder in the corner extended upwards to a room filled with brewing stands and it extended downwards to what would have been the sleeping quarters for the group. However, GabeWorld shut down before the sleeping quarters could be built.


November that year, long after Gabeworld had shut down, Cannonwalker joined a Pixelmon server called "Obercraft." He created a faction named "TeamPiston", named in honor of the original team from Gabeworld. Originally based out of a small house he built himself, Cannonwalker eventually moved into an abandoned Pokemon Center stripped of all its materials in a savannah biome.

Cannonwalker had two goals; to collect rare Pokemon, and to run a player-owned Pokemon Gym concurrent to the official server gyms. He replaced the building's floors with endstone and began training so that he could become strong enough to run a gym. Sometime during this period, he invited AlReyesSpark, although his activity on Obercraft didn't extend very far beyond the first day. Cannonwalker's interest in the server dwindled at this time, and he left before accomplishing either of his goals; the server was shut down sometime later.


First Incarnation (GabeWorld)

Second Incarnation (Obercraft)

Servers of Operation

  • GabeWorld (defunct)
  • Obercraft (left)