Lord Joseph Grey – Today as I was playing tennis with my wife on the Lie sand draw TENNIS COURT, I was taking a serve when a NASTY stench of gooey fecal matter intruded my nostrils, FLOWING into my sinuses and killing my brain cells. when I went to turn around GUESS WHAT I SAW! yup, you name it - A GRUMPY DEUCE (no pun intended) LATHERING THE TENNIS COURT FENCE. I am not playing any games here today. I mean someone ACTUALLY had the AUDACITY to either throw their pet's poop at the fence until it stuck, or pulled down their pants and blasted a poop cannon out of their sphincter. Either way I'm disgusted and I demand the poop be removed IMMEDIATELY. For the irresponsible parents who let their children do this, or the naive children who didn't notice their mother or father committing this awful crime, WAKE UP NOW.
TALK – Friday, August 7 2020 (Pacific Standard Time)
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