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Early life

Captain Samuel Sharp, full name Samuel Magister Et Imperator Sharp, was born on Port Royal in 1713. He was born to a rich merchantman by the name of Sir. Henry Opulens Sharp. He had a sister named Anne Soror Sharp. At a young age, Samuel was very privileged. He visited the Governor of Port Royal regularly. He always wanted to be a captain, and was taught how to sail by his father. by age 13, Samuel could out manouver a pirate ship with ease. At age 16, he joined onto the Royal Expeditionary Navy. At that time, Lawrence Daggerpaine was the admiral of the navy. One night, Lawrence had to escape from the island fortress of Kingshead, with a young man and a body. That same night, Lawrence and Samuel left the royal navy. Samuel was out of a job and a disgrace to his family.

A New Job and Life

A few years later, Samuel was on the island of Tortuga, looking for any work. Lawrence Daggerpaine suddenly came upon the poor captain. Lawrence said he had become a pirate, a guildmaster of a very well made guild. He asked Samuel to join, which Samuel excepted quickly. Samuel sailed War Frigates for the Gen. Of Peace. Then, Lawrence commissioned Daggerpaine Industries to make a new ship for the guild: a giant ship of the line with the name G.O.P.S. Leviathan. Lawrence made Samuel captain of the awesome ship, and put the ship, with a special contract with John Breasly, in the service of the Royal Merchant Fleet. Samuel now had another respectful job, and a huge income. Years later, he died in battle with his arch enemy, Captain Mors.


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Early life

Captain Cruenta Mors Persoluta, Mors for short, is the most vile creature to sail the seven seas. He was born to Mary Misera Puella Persoluta and John Tristis Persoluta. While Mors was an infant, his father left him and Mors' mother. Mary became mentally ill because of it. At age 7, he killed animals for fun. At age 10, he started to learn dark magic. By age 13, he could curse people like a pro. When he was 15, his mother died. Mors had to make a life for himself.

Start to Captain

Captain Mors' Theme

Captain Mors' Theme

Captain Mors' Theme

Mors stole a light sloop when he was 16, and named it the Dark Magic. He sailed for 4 years on it, all the while practising his voodoo powers. Then, he heard tail that his father was drunk in a bar on Padres del Fuego. Mors quickly sailed there and confronted his father. He blamed his father for his mother's death. Mors' father struck him across the face. That made Mors go into a rage, and pulled out a staff he created himself, the De Percussore Staff. He aimed the staff at his father, and turned him into a pile of dust with one blast. Mors still hasn't gotten out of that rage. From that point on, Mors became the most cruel and ill tempered person or creature in the Caribbean. Even worse than Jolly Roger. He has become power hungry and evil.


He is a voodoo master, and can cast voodoo hexes that can kill a man with one touch. He is cruel and vile, and has one objective: To rule the seas, and the world. His ship, the Death Reaper, was a Death Omen controlled by Jolly Roger, but was captured by Mors. His crew is conjures made of sand using his Staff.


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These are the crewmen of Captain Cruenta Mors Persoluta. They are extremely loyal to him, and will follow any order he gives to them. They are made of sand, taking on humanoid forms thanks to Mors himself so they can do whatever he orders, carrying on their duties until they are killed. Multiple members of these crewmen were fought on Mors's ship, the Death Reaper, almost taking the life of Charles Walsh multiple times. They were responsible for the destruction of most of Tortuga, and the death of Walsh's mother, as well as the deaths of hundreds of Navy soldiers and pirates. These bloodthirsty monsters were all disintegrated after Charles killed Captain Mors at the end of The Journey of the Leviathan.

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A crewman killing Navy.

 Charles Walsh is a pirate captain who worked on the G.O.P.S. Leviathan during the time of Captain Cruenta Mors Persoluta. He was there in the attack on the Mors Armada in the Battle of the Second Maelstrom. 5 years after the battle, he and his sweetheart, Emily Navigare, got married and had 2 kids, Samuel Sharp Walsh (named after the old captain of the Leviathan), and Marie Sandra Walsh (Named after Charles' mother). He became captain of the Leviathan after the old captain, Captain Samuel Sharp, got killed.  Years after the Battle, Charles became the 5th GM of the Gen. Of Peace. You can read more about it in The Journey of the Leviathan.

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Emily Navigare is a pirate who worked on the G.O.P.S. Leviathan during the time of Captain Cruenta Mors Persoluta. She was there in the attack on the Mors Armada in the Battle of the Second Maelstrom. 5 years after the battle, she and her sweet heart, Charles Walsh, got married and had 2 kids, Samuel Sharp Walsh (named after the old captain of the Leviathan), and Marie Sandra Walsh (Named after Charles' mother). You can read more in The Journey of the Leviathan.

G.O.P.S. Leviathan Fog

The G.O.P.S. Leviathan, also known as the H.M.S. Leviathan, is an Adavanced Ship of the Line class ship. It is used by the Gen. Of Peace Guild for an undercover ship in the Royal Merchants.


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The G.O.P.S. Leviathan was first made in the Daggerpaine Industries dockyards on July 23, 1840. Lawrence Daggerpaine had the ship be built as an undercover ship in the King's Royal Merchant Fleet. Due to actions written out in the Leviathan Series, the G.O.P.S. Leviathan is no long operational. The symbol for the ship is a circle, with an octopus with a skull head in it.



Potc Movieship part 2

Potc Movieship part 2

It's at 1:57 to end (ripped up part is during the final battle in the Leviathan Series.)



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What They Are

The lost servers are a place in the Caribbean where the lost civilizations (Including Chetik and a few others that were actually deleted from the game). In the book The Journey of the Leviathan 2, Lawrence Daggerpaine has been living on the lost servers for some time, leaving the Gen. Of Peace guild to be run by other Guildmasters, including Bill Plunderbones (Who leaves and guards the gates to the servers by order of Law, who, even though not technically GM, is still pretty much in charge), and Charles Walsh.


  • Lawrence Daggerpaine found the lost servers many years before the first Journey of the Leviathan, but kept it secret
  • It is said that the true Fountain of Youth is located on the severs, and the fountain Jack Sparrow found in On Stranger Tides was just a "leak" from the true source
  • It is also said that there is a power there to "control the wind," and another to "control the seas."
  • Anything lost (deleted) from the real Caribbean (game) is transported straight to the Lost Servers. On a lot of the servers, the layout of the towns are the original layouts, before the EITC blew them up.
  • There are unseen enemies on the servers
  • The main enemy island is called Skull Island, and is the feature cover picture for the book The Journey of the Leviathan 2, and is seen at the top of this page
  • The longer a server is in the Lost Servers, the more over grown it becomes


The theme of the Lost Servers:

Lost Servers Theme

Lost Servers Theme

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