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TheNextMaster2, Next, Master


Inspiried by Gamer


Primary: Blue hospitaller (Main)

Secondary: Brown Skin

Third: Armored Crusader (Rare)




TheNextMaster2 (Also known as Next or Sam) has several skins, he mainly uses a Blue hospitaller, while his second is his adventuring or RP based skin. His third is his Combat Skin, a armored crusader.


The Start

TheNextMaster2 was first spawned upon a grassland back in 1.7.4. he began to dig underground to have a hovel as his home, he discovered coal, and was interested in how he could find more materals to craft and mine. he soon crafted a crafting table, made a sword and began to attack hostile mobs. It wasn't long before he met with his friends like Cannonwalker, The_Scotsman92, The_Goldtimbers, Dirty_Mallace and ObsidianVader. TheNextMaster2 has been apart of McNations since January 2014.


NeddehCraft, once a server owned by Ned Edgewalker, was Next's main multiplayer server, but it was shut down due to not enough people in it, and the server was closed. It was in NeddehCraft, Next built his Crusaders and Krak De Chevaliers, a castle surrounding a huge area.

NeddehCraft 2.0

After Ned closed NeddehCraft, a few months later, He announced NeddehCraft would be reborn, after hearing this Next decided to build another Castle, and restore his Hospitallers into an order.