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For a historical recount of the 7th Brethren Court, please visit The History of the Brethren Courts

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Pirate Lords Ned Edgewalker (Middle) Rosetta (Left) And Johnny Shark (Right)(Before Ned's "Change")

For the former court look here: The 6th Brethren Court

And or The 5th Brethren Court

For the current court, Look here: 8th Brethren Court

Winner: Cortez. Link To Pirate Lord Contest : http://potcoplayers.wikia.com /wiki/User_blog:Ned_Edgewalker/The_7th_Brethren_Contest!

Hello Mate! Welcome to The page of The 7th Brethren Court! AKA The Current Court or "Possibly The Shortest Court ever to have been" With lots of our members being on for 4+ years, And planning their quit of the game.

220px-Gesture thumb up then down forefinger out like gun.jpg The 7th Brethren Court can sink ships by pointing their finger!

Deceased Members of the Court.

1.Pirate Prince Ned Edgewalker Establisher of the code, Level 24 Lord Of The Pacific Ocean. Cold, Calculating, Cannot Be Defeated on the grandest war stage. Captain Of The Fighting Fox

2.Remy, Level 50, Lord Of The Hinterseas Willing to help, And defeat The EITC to do it.

3.Cortez. Pirate Lord Of Smugglers Run

4.Captain Johnny, Pirate Lord of the French Maine. Level 41. Friend To Any pirate. Considered By Many to Be one of the best pirates to ever live

All People MUST be authorized to be put in the court by Pirate King Jarod, Johnny "Shark" Turner And Keeper of the code, David McMartin. Do NOT put your name here without authorization, or you will not even be considered into becoming a Pirate Lord.

Comment Rules.

No Arguing

No Trolling

No Investigating Fights

And No Religious Comments

Please Follow These Rules And Respect The Privlidge Of Commenting. Thank You. And Now, Enjoy The Features On This Page. - The Court

Pirate King : Jarod

Pirate Prince : Johnny "Shark" Turner

Keeper Of The Code: David McMartin

Bearer Of The Pieces Of Eight: To Be Elected: !

Pirate Lords :

Ages (Some Not Yet Recived)

David McMartin:

21 Years Old

Johnny "Shark" Turner:

28 Years Old

Pirate King Jarod

37 Years Old

Pirate Prince Ned Edgewalker:

55 Years Old

Captain Johnny:

20 Years Old


44 Years Old


  1. Pirate King Jarod, Level 50. GM of OUTLAWS. Lord Of The Scurvy Shallows. Captain Of The Outlaw King
  2. Stormwalker Lord Of the Atlantic Ocean Level 50 About Stormwalker. Nice, Awesome, Caring.
  3. Rosetta, Pirate Lord of the Spanish Maine. Level 33. True Pirate. Will Not Go down without a fight.
  4. David McMartin, Keeper Of The Code, Pirate Lord Of The Pacific Ocean. Level 13. Stubborn, Brave, True Pirate, and is willing to sacrifice for anyone or anything.
  5. Johnny "Shark" Turner, Pirate Lord Of The Barbary Coast. Level 50. Dark, silent killer. Also a paid assassin as well as King of Barbary.
  6. Captain Richard Goldvane. Pirate Lord Of The Mariners Reef. Notorious Pirate Captain of The Green Runner
  7. Davy Hookwrecker. Pirate Lord of Brigand Bay

PIRATE CODEX Of The 7th Brethren Court (Commissiond By Captain Ned Edgewalker)

Rule 1 Never Frame a fellow pirate for something you did.

Rule 2 Treat all pirates with respect. Even lower levels than you. They are your brethren.

Rule 3 Live, Breathe, Swear By the Pirate Code

Rule 4 Every man to be called fairly in turn, by list, on board of prizes. Meaning

Rule 5 Keep Your piece Of Eight, Pistols, and Cutlass clean and fit for service

Rule 6 To desert the ship or your quarters in battle, You will be punished with death or marooning.

Rule 7 No striking one another on board, but every man's quarrels to be ended on shore, at sword and pistol

Rule 8 Any Man Left Behind Stays behind

Rule 9 The lights and candles to be put out at eight o'clock at night: if any of the crew, after that hour still remained inclined for drinking, they were to do it on the open deck.

Rule 10 The captain and quartermaster to receive two shares of a prize: the master, boatswain, and gunner, one share and a half, and other officers one and quarter.

Rule 11 Every Pirate Lord/King Is to be treated Equally by everybody In the court. Same Goes for Non-Court Pirates.

Rule 12 Every Pirate Lord must present their Piece Of Eight at a meeting, or they will gain 1/3 or 2/3 Strikes. But if they we're already 2/3 they will be evicted from the Court.

Final Ruling : No man to talk of breaking up their way of living, till each had shared one thousand pounds. If in order to this, any man should lose a limb, or become a cripple in their service, he was to have eight hundred dollars, out of the public stock, and for lesser hurts, proportionately.

Pirate Lords Theme Songs

All Pirate lords may Put they're Favorite/Theme song on here.


He's a pirate - orchestra

David McMartin's theme

Pirate Lord's themes


Why is the Rum Gone? - Remix

Pirate Prince Ned Edgewalker's theme

Our Place In the war. (Concluded)

TAKE DOWN PEARS. Plain And simple. Pears needs to be gone. Less Pirates would be killed, Which Means more victory for us. If Pirates don't have a part in this, What are we? Townsfolk? No. Shoot The Delta Republic To Kill. Savvy? It be a pirates life for us! Fair Winds!!

Ranks In The Court

Pirate King: Pirate King Leads The Court, He Decides To Make War Or Peace, He Is Just Another John Breasly. But For The Court. Current Pirate King: Pirate King Jarod

Pirate Prince: The Pirate Prince Has All The Powers A Pirate King Has, But He Cannot Make War, Or Peace. Pirate Princes Are The Next Pirate Kings, There isnt A Vote When The King Passes On, It Goes Straight To The Prince. Current Pirate Prince: Johnny "Shark" Turner

Keeper Of The Code: The Keeper Of The Code Makes Most Judgements On Strikes For Breaking A Rule Stated In The Code Above, And If The Code Is Needed, The Keeper Will Appear. Current Keeper Of The Code: David McMartin

Bearer Of The Pieces Of Eight: They Hold The Pieces Of Eight During Meetings, After They Are Given Back To The Owners. Current Bearer: (None, Election: !)

Consideration of making a Brethren Court wiki, For all the Courts

We Have Decided to let YOU decide. How to vote: (In This Case Only) @CourtWiki Support.png Support - Neutral.png Neutral - Oppose.png Oppose -


Location : Fort Dundee, Padres Del Fuego, Server: Mondana. Date : Jan 27th... Aka.. ASAP TODAY!

Caribbean/Global Peace

We Support this completely, With this war coming to an end, We support this: %100, Pearson is dead, Peace with England is standing strong, There is no reason for more conflict.

Thank You

Thanks Everyone, For making THIS brethren court, the first Brethren Court EVER to be FAOTW. So, Thank you for helping us make history everyone! - The Court

Pirate Lords Offical Signatures (Not Completed Yet)

Pirate Lords, King, And or Prince Can Put they're signaure here. And if a so called "Pirate Lord" Uses they're signature and its not here, Its probably a fake pirate lord, and or a pirate lord from a former court.

Ned Edgewalker : Nedgewalkersig.png


Johnny Shark:Johnny "Shark" Turner

David McMartin: DMMsig.png


EITC Forces

Assassins Of POTCO

Co. Sons of Liberty


Pearson Wright

The Fruit


Brethren Court Map (Original by Johnny "Shark" Turner, Updated By Ned Edgewalker)

Brethren Court Map2.png

Banned Bloodlines (From All brethren courts)

1.Bloodline Of Captain Leon

2.Bloodline Of Pearson Wright

3.Bloodline Of Samuel Harrington

4.Bloodline Of Any In game 'Seedlings'

5. Bloodline Of Ned Daggerkidd






May 5th Brethren Court Meeting

All details are posted here:

Screen shots will be posted on this page shortly after the meeting ends.

Poatraits Of The Pirate Lords

Pirate Lord David McMartin

The Main Floor of our HQ. Where is it? We'll never tell.

Pirate Prince Ned Edgewalker

Pirate Lord Johnny Shark

Pirate Lord, Captain Remy

Pirate Lord, Captain Johnny

Other Appearences

The Logan Family Story 2

The Seventh Court is scheduled to appear in the Logan Family Story 2, with members Pirate King Jarod and Ned Edgewalker as members.

The Life and Lies of Captain Ned Edgewalker

Every pirate lord is scheduled to make an appearance in this story.

The Life and Lies of Captain Ned Edgewalker 2:Never Alone

Every Pirate Lord will make an appearance.


The 7th Brethren Court was made on January 13

The 7th Brethren Court is the first Brethren Court to be a FAOTW