The Ambassador was a strange cursed saber wielded by Finn Hamm. Possessing an array of esoteric powers not exhibited in any other blades in the Caribbean, its various poxes and hexes can either grant its wielder a decisive edge in combat or lead to humiliating self-destruction. Though it possesses less raw power than some other cursed blades like it, the blade's true potential is unlocked through careful strategy and timing.



  • Attack: 53
  • Pox - Dealing damage to an enemy affects the blade's invisible Pox rating. The bar starts halfway filled has a 50-50 chance to either go up or down; once the bar is completely filled, the next successful hit will trigger a random devastating effect on the enemy, ranging from 15-second long uncleansable Silver Freeze to periodic Cursed Thunder strikes that only stop once either the target or wielder falls in combat. However, if the bar dips to empty, the next successful hit will trigger a negative effect not on the target, but on the wielder themself.
  • Grave Bind - A special ability with a 30 second cooldown. When triggered, all enemies within the vicinity of the wielder are bound by shackles from the ground that immobilize them and decrease their DPS rating for a maximum of 20 seconds. The duration of the effect scales downward the more enemies are effected.
  • Disruption - The blade has a curious effect on ranged foes. Successful hits saddle enemies with a debuff that decreases their ranged damage for 8 seconds (pistols, throwing knives, knife skills, voodoo dolls, and staves).
  • Unholy Pact - The weapon functions normally against living enemies but slightly underperforms against the undead.
  • Alacrity - The speed at which the blade's rotation is executed is passively increased by 15%.
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