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What is the Awakening

The Awakening is a mysterious mental state where if one fall asleeps of dies, they will go through a challengeof judgement led by an unknow swaying voice to the dreamer his or hers directions on what to do next. Awakenings only happen if one's destiny is near. It is to see if they are ready and worthy to face that destiny, although they will inaccurately tell the dreamer what there destiny is.

Awakenings seem to always start off by the dreamer sinking into the bottom of the ocean, and then son landing on a glassed pillar with a certan image on it. The image mainly depends on what is the most important thing to the Dreamer's life. Whether it is a important place or important people, the image will always show the dreamer and the important things in there life.

Note: Anyone can edit this page by putting in a link to there Awakening Story. This is based off of the beginning of the first Kingdom Hearts Game, where the player goes through a series of challenges, questions, and choices that determines there fate in the future.

People's Awakenings

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