The Badlands are a wasteland sprawling underneath The Kingdom. It is said that The Badlands have never rained, and no one has ever gone to there end. However, it is filled with Maurders, Bandits Rouges and travellers of all sorts. There are also thousands of outposts, among the more famous ones is Badlands Central, The Ouposte and Masterworkks Inn.

The Badlands have several small exits where you can find escape.

Refugees and rouges

The Badlands are filled with Refugees and Rouges. Most have been deserted there, others have came to catch unwary travellers and leave them tied up in their trousers with all their positions stolen from them!

Why travel here?

Why travel in The Badlands? The Badlands are said to have a link to everwhere in the world. You can travel from The United States to Moscow in a week!

The Badlands

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